Several earn championships in aquatic science

Aquatic science judge Beth Burch discusses how to judge projects with 4-H Junior Leader Johnna Cummins (front, right) during judging on Friday, July 20, at Heritage Hall. Photo by Lauren M. Wilson.

Following are the results of the 4-H aquatic science contest.

They are:

Level 1
Benjamin Warpup, champion.
Blue ribbon, with honors - Benjamin Warpup.

Level 2
Elaine Everts, reserve champion.
Blue ribbon - Elaine Everts, with honors.

Red ribbons - Jennifer Meyer, Megan Karst and Nathan Buehler.

Level 3
Blue ribbon - Evan Meyer.

Red ribbons - Freeman Lacroix III and Steven Vlot.

Level 5
Karisa Clore, champion.
Blue ribbons - Karisa Clore and Sarah Vlot, both with honors.