2 records broken; 4-H fair auction considered to be a great success

Two records were broken at this year's Huntington County 4-H Fair auction.

In the dairy auction, the top bid for a gallon of milk this year was $1,200, which trumps the 2011 record selling price of $750.

In the dairy project, showmanship winners sell a gallon of milk to represent the dairy industry. The record-breaking gallon of milk was sold by senior showmanship winner Casey Baker.

Nola Cummins broke a three-year-old record with her champion meat goat. The animal sold for $2,650 - a $750 increase from the previous record of $1,900 - the most ever spent on a goat at the local 4-H Fair auction. The previous record was set in 2009.

This year's auction included 769 lots, which were sold for a total of $229,260. There was a marginal difference in total animals auctioned this year, dropping only seven from last year's 776. However, total sales were considerably lower, as 2011's record-breaking total was $347,258.95. The difference is just shy of $120,000.

Ed Farris, Extension Educator, says the auction was a great success.

"We had a lot of support from buyers and the community," he notes.

He also says participants were fortunate to have some rainfall at the beginning of the fair. Some chickens were struggling in the intense heat, but with the rain, they were able to pull through.

"We had no problems with the animals," Farris says.

Following is a breakdown of averages and comparisons for each breed that was sold at auction on Thursday, July 26.

They are:

This year 43 beef animals were sold, for total sales of $25,200. The average price per cow was $586.05.

The appraised prices of the animals ranged from $696 to $1,668.60.

These numbers are lower than in 2011, when 58 beef cattle were sold for $98,978.32.

Four gallons of milk were sold at this year's dairy auction, with an average price of $593.75.

Baker's record-breaking $1,200 gallon helped to accrue total sales of $2,375 in this category. Baker and the other showmanship winners saw a giant increase in total sales from last year, when the dairy division sold for a total of $1,700.

Baker, who is from Jackson Township, helped keep Jackson at the top. This is the third consecutive year for Jackson Township to earn the highest dairy bid.

Goats brought in a total of $33,200 this year with 127 animals sold. The average price per animal was $261.42.

Appraised values ranged from $14.30 to $156.60.

The number of goats sold at this year's auction increased from 106 in 2011. Last year's goat auction brought in $26,300.

More animals sold in this breed auction than any other this year, with a total of 237.

The average price per animal was $235.04.

There is no appraised value placed on poultry.

Total sales in this category were $55,705 - the second-highest total sales this year, trailing only behind swine.

Last year, 255 birds sold for a total of $58,225.

The average price per swine was $408.80, with 191 animals sold.

This show brought in more sales than any other this year, with a total of $78,080.

The appraised prices ranged from $139.70 to $193.68.

The 2011 swine auction included 208 animals selling for $72,410.

Rabbits earned $23,000 this year, with 105 animals sold.

The average price per rabbit was $219.05.

The appraised price per animal ranged from $3 to $12.

Last year, 98 rabbits sold for $22,800.

Sixty-two sheep brought in a total of $11,700 in 2012.

The average price per animal was $188.71.

The appraised prices ranged from $90.24 to $163.20.

In 2011, 47 sheep sold for $10,278.20.