Caleb Smart is overall grand champ at Huntington County 4-H cat show

Judge Kathy Reehling (right) inspects “Bandit” while Rachel Landers looks on during the Huntington County 4-H Cat Show on Tuesday, July 16, at Hier’s Park. Photo by Andre B. Laird.

Caleb Smart was the overall grand champion in the Huntington County 4-H Cat Show, which was held Tuesday, July 16, in Heritage Hall at Hier's Park.

Smart also had the champion short hair cat. The reserve champion short hair cat was shown by Rachelle Mann Romero.

In the long hair division, Kennady Chapin won the champion rosette. Alexandra Stanley was the reserve champion.

All four received blue ribbons.

Complete results are:

Blue: Stephanie Dryer, Ashley Higgins (honor), Justin Hladik, Kaitlin Jones, Joseph Kibellus, Rachel Landers, Rebecca Landers, Kayla Patrick, David Prather, Kirsten Roller, Carrie Runyan, Camille Tester, Ashley Wesco and Adam Wixted.

Overall champion: Kaitlin Jones.

Level 1
Rachel Landers, champion; Rebecca Landers, reserve.

Level 2
Camille Tester, champion.

Level 3
Kaitlin Jones, champion; Rachelle Mann Romero, reserve.

Level 1
Ashley Wesco, champion; Kennady Chapin, reserve.

Level 2
Kirsten Roller, champion; Camille Tester, reserve.

Level 3
Rachelle Mann Romero, champion; David Prather, reserve.

Level 1
Rebecca Landers, champion; Marideth Higgens, reserve.

Level 2
Amanda Pugh, champion; Kirsten Roller, reserve.

Level 3
Alexandra Stanley, champion; Kayla Patrick, reserve.