Covey, Mason and Freck garner championships in collections contest

Winners have been announced in the 4-H collection projects.

They are:

Gavin Covey, champion.
Carrie M. Runyan, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons, with honors: Hailey R. Alford, Drew Briggs, Gavin Covey, Samuel H. Elliott, Vivian Hinshaw, Zach Ramp and Carrie M. Runyan.
Blue ribbons: Malijah A. Foust, Rebecca Landers, Ian Lindsey, Audra Neal and Ella M. Stroud.

Brianna Mason, champion.
Brandon M. Briggs, reserve champions.
Blue ribbons, with honors: Brandon M. Briggs, Anthony Bryant, Andrew J. Freck and Devin P. Suchcicki.
Blue ribbons: Scott Foust, Rachael M. Fulton, Victoria D. Hinshaw, Conner Mason and Mariah Okuly.
Red ribbons: Darianna Bryant, Tremar Clore, Sarah Landers and Nicholas Melchi.
White ribbon: Damon Kaylor.

Elizabeth A. Freck, champion.
Casey L. Richman, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons, with honors: Elizabeth A. Freck, Coradela J. Helton, Alexander Hughes and Casey L. Richman.
Red ribbon: Martha L. Kiningham.
White ribbons: Stephanie J. Glessner and Zachary R. Parks.
Red ribbons: Isaac P. Eckert and Cameron Foust.