Park, Collins, Ernst and Lewis earn level championships in 4-H woodworking project

The results of the 4-H woodworking project judging have been announced.

They are:

Level 1
Maggie M. Park, champion. Lesley Zook, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons, with honors: Caden Brubaker, Alyssa M. Fulton, Cole A. Little, Maggie M. Park and Lesley Zook.
Blue ribbons: Brock L. Brubaker, Jaxon P. Crawford, Emma Garriott, Madison S. Herstad, Matthew McMillan, Ty Miller, Zach Ramp, Jacob Sprinkle, Colin J. Suchcicki, Austin J. Taylor and Jonathan T. York.

Level 2
Jake Collins, champion. Colin J. Betterly, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons, with honors: Spencer Atkinson, Colin J. Betterly, Jake Collins and Brendon Ramp.
Blue ribbons: Isaiah Clampitt, Adam Clark, Evan J. Hill, Madelynn J. Keiffer, Austin Mounsey, Grant L. Padgett and Nathan G. York.
Red ribbons: Damon Kaylor and Syanna Bonewitz.
Green ribbon: Brandt T. Cady.

Level 3
Eli A. Ernst, champion. Nathan C. Park, reserve champion.

Blue ribbons, with honors: Eli A. Ernst, Nathan C. Park, Garret I. Smith and Trevor B. Teeple.

Blue ribbons: Ian N. Broderick, Cory A. Little, Karissa L. Marley, Kody A. Moon, Seth D. Moon, Montana Phillips, Tyler Stephan, Chandler Updike and Matthew J. York.

Level 4
Chandler Lewis, champion. Andrew J. Smith, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons, with honors: Matthew Dewitt, Ethan Ernst, Walter J. Hacker, Chandler Lewis, Andrew J. Smith and Haylee N. Weller.
Blue ribbons: Grace A. Bradford, Austin L. Eltzroth, Austin M. Rosen and Marissa D. Stephan.