Surprised, shocked Suchcicki earns 2013 honor as outstanding 4-H volunteer leader

Rose Wall (left), representing the Huntington Rotary Club presents Machelle Suchcicki with a plaque designating her as the 2013 Huntington County Outstanding 4-H Leader on Saturday, July 20, at Hier’s Park. Photo by Andre B. Laird.

Surprised. Shocked.

Those are the words Machelle Suchcicki used to describe how she felt when she was announced as this year's outstanding 4-H leader.

The announcement was made on Saturday, July 20, during a ceremony at Hier's Park during the 2013 Huntington County 4-H Fair.

The Warren native has been a volunteer in the Best-N-All and We Raise ‘Em 4-H clubs.

"We help the kids to work on a number of projects," Suchcicki states. "That includes livestock, floriculture and electric."

She adds that while she is honored to receive the award, she feels that it should go to every one of the volunteer leaders.

"We all work really hard, and I think the award should go to all of the leaders," Suchcicki notes.

She adds that the Huntington County 4-H has continued to grow during her time serving as a volunteer.

"We have a very strong program and it has been strong for a long time," Suchckiki says. "We have one of the strongest programs around."

The program strength is due in part to the time leaders take to prepare for the next year.

"After the show ends, we get together and review how the shows went and talk about what went well and what we could do differently to make the next year better," she states.

Other 4-H volunteer leaders recognized were:

First Year - Jo Ellen Earhart, Blue Ribbon Riders; Lyle Juillerat, Robotics; Anita Sharpe, Pork Chop; Tim Sitton, Robotics; and Luke Vickrey, Pork Chop.

Second Year - Robert Aughinbaugh, Junior Leaders; Tiann Aughinbaugh, Junior Leaders; Connie Baumgardner, Champion Achievers; Dawn Harvey, Robotics; Christi Heffelfinger, Hoosier Boosters; Natalie Keiffer, Wayne Township Future Farmers; Vicki McElhaney, Hoosier Boosters; Ruka Oyedele, Robotics; Dawn Shane, Wayne Township Future Farmers; Janice Smith, Champion Achievers; and Chris Stephan, Barnyard Brigade.

Third Year - Lisa Foust, Mighty Few; Lance Kreider, Blue Ribbon Riders; Brad Moody, Muzzleloader; and Kari Moody, Muzzleloader.

Fourth Year - Jenelle Conley, Canine Capers; Curtis Henderson, County 4-H Robotics; Jim Nunley, Silver Streak Saddlers; and Beth Thompson, Huntington Hummers.

Fifth Year - Cindy Cook, Robotics, Sondra Fowler, Robotics; Ellen Nunley, Silver Streak Saddlers; Tammy Rush, Golden Eagles; Brett Stephan, Barnyard Brigade; and Scott Thorn, Robotics.

Sixth Year - Doug Carroll, Tractor; Amy Cummins, Pork Chop; and Linzy Lahr, Silver Streak Saddlers.

Seventh Year - Ronald Clabaugh, Canine Capers; Paul Hart, Robotics; Laura Williams, Bippus Busy Bees; and Sheryl Winters, We Grow ‘Em.

Eighth Year - Kent Chenoweth, Jefferson Junior Farmers; Christina Christman, Mini 4-H; Matt Christman, Mini 4-H; Chris Elston, Robotics; David Kuiper-Moore, Robotics; Cyndy Patrick, Neighborhood Workers & Farmer Lads; Jim Shearer, Warren Township Wranglers; Julie Shearer, Warren Township Wranglers; Pattiann Shearer, Warren Township Wranglers; Laura Smart, Waggin' Tails; and Jane Trickle, Mini 4-H.

Ninth Year - Wayne Doenges, Robotics; Kelly Kuehnert, Blue Ribbon Riders; Eldon Lahr, Tractor; Jennifer McCoy, 4 Leaf Clovers; and Dave Thomas, Corn Cob.

10th Year - Robert Bonewitz, Shotgun; Kim Nelson, T-Bone; Gregory Shearer, Warren Township Wranglers; and Debbie Small, Mighty Few.

11th Year - Beth Lahr, 4 Leaf Clovers; and Suchicki, Best-N-All.

13th Year - Stacey Dresher, Bowling; Jeff Caley, Archery; Marsha Chenoweth, Jefferson Junior Farmers; and Chad Kreider, Blue Ribbon Riders.

14th Year - Kyle Kuehnert, Blue Ribbon Riders.

15th Year - Vicky Mickley, Helping Hands.

16th Year - Cindy Blocker, Neighborhood Workers and Farmer Lads; Nadean Brown, Neighborhood Workers and Farmer Lads; Marie Harrell, Crystal Clovers; Phillip Kreider, Blue Ribbon Riders; Susan Mills, Llama/Alpaca Huntington Hummers; Angie Tyner, We Win; and Matt Tyner, We Win.

17th Year - Grant Watkins, Shotgun.

18th Year - Kristin Husband, Blue Ribbon Riders; Scott Husband, Blue Ribbon Riders; and Nancy Kuehnert, Blue Ribbon Riders.

20th Year - Carrie Boxell, Future Leaders; Anita Hughes, Crystal Clovers; Gayle Melcher, Corn Cob; Matt Melcher, Corn Cob; Tom Stahl, Pistol; and Carrie Thomas, Corn Cob.

22nd Year - Jennifer Little, and Future Leaders and Christine Johnson, We Grow Em'.

23rd Year - Dan Blocker, Tractor.

24th Year - Sharon Ernst, Waggin' Tails.

26th Year - Marc Dennis, Tractor, and Regeanna Lahr, 4 Leaf Clovers.

31st Year - Teresa Updike, Blue Ribbon Riders.

32nd Year - Jerald Gressley, Superior Showmen.

33rd Year - Barb Gressley, Superior Showmen.

41st Year - Leslie Zahm, Siver Streak Saddlers.

Complete caption: Rose Wall (left), representing the Huntington Rotary Club presents Machelle Suchcicki with a plaque designating her as the 2013 Huntington County Outstanding 4-H Leader on Saturday, July 20, at Hier’s Park. Suchcicki has served for 11 years with the Best-N-All club.