Plenty of championships to go around in goat competition

Results of the 4-H goat show have been announced.

They are:

Junior Intermediate
Blue ribbons: Kaitlin Jones, first and second, and Andrew Freck, third.
Junior/Senior Yearling
Kaitlin Jones, first and second; Emily Willard, third.

Junior Intermediate

Blue ribbons: Dylan Wynkoop, first, and Mary Winans, second.
Senior Doe 3-5 years
Blue ribbons: Andrew Broderick, first; Ethan Stafford, second; Mary Winans, third; Jessica Hernandez, fourth,;and Morgan McNally, fifth.

Senior Kid

Blue ribbons: Andrew Smith, first; Rebecca Smith, second; Elaine Everts, third; Benjamin Blinn, fourth, Ben Johnson, fifth; Ian Broderick, Andrew Broderick, Preston Teusch and Jaxon Crawford.
Junior/Senior Yearling
Blue ribbons: Elaina Teusch, first; Ian Broderick, second; Preston Teusch, third; Bonnie Hardy, fourth; Jaxon Crawford, fifth; Bonnie Hardy, Andrew Broderick, Ian Broderick, Ben Johnson and Lane Wright.

Junior/Intermediate Kid

Blue ribbon: Elaine Everts.
Senior Kid
Blue ribbons: Brady Lewis, first, and Kaitlin Jones, second.
Junior/Senior Yearling
Blue ribbons: Andrew Freck, first; Ian Broderick, second; Jessica Lewis, third; and Ethan Stafford.
Senior Doe 1-3 years
Blue ribbons: Kaitlin Jones, first and second; and Dylan Wynkoop, third.
Senior Doe 3-5 years
Blue ribbons: Kaitlin Jones, first and Andrew Broderick, second.
Senior Doe Over 5 Years
Blue ribbon: Ian Broderick.

Brady Lewis, champion. Andrew Freck, reserve champion.

Kaitlin Jones, champion. Ian Broderick, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons: Morgan McNally, Dylan Wynkoop, Kaitlin Jones and Ian Broderick.

Leslie Yarde, champion dairy market. Spencer Atkins, reserve champion dairy market.
Leslie Yarde, champion and reserve champion county-bred dairy.
24-32 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Jessica Hernandez, first; Ian Broderick, second; Jaxon Crawford, third; Ian Broderick fourth, Andrew Broderick, fifth; Ethan Stafford, Lane Wright, Mary Winans and Morgan McNally.
37-54 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Benjamin Blinn, first; Elaina Teusch, second; Andrew Smith, third; Aidan Hosler, fourth; Andrew Freck, fifth; Toriana Meyers, Colin Suchcicki, Devin Suchcicki and Kaitlin Jones.
55-64 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Evan Hill, first; Elaina Teusch, second; Rebecca Smith, third; Ben
Johnson, fourth; Preston Teusch, fifth; Andrew Broderick, Rebecca Smith, Lane Wright and Danita Clark.
66-76 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Spencer Atkinson, first; Preston Teusch, second; Spencer Atkinson, third; Cora Hill, fourth; Bonnie Hardy, fifth; Andrew Smith, Danita Clark, Garret Smith and Benjamin Blinn.
79-95 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Leslie Yarde, first; Stephanie Atkinson, second; Leslie Yardie, third; Matthew Dewitt, fourth and fifth; and Bonnie Hardy.

Under 6 months

Blue ribbons: Haley Jackson, first; Taylor Scher, second; Joshua Leidig, third (two ribbons); Garrett Scher, Madison Landrum, Madelynn Williams, Emma Haupert, Kendra Arnold (two ribbons), Katelyn Arnold and Hannah Stoffel.
6-12 Months Heat 1
Blue ribbons: Wyatt Landrum, first; Emma Haupert, second; Joshua Leidig, third; Taylor Scher, fourth; Kaitlin Drayer, fifth; Rylee Spice, Kolton Helmke, Briley Scher, Hayley Jackson and Rylie Farr.
6-12 Months Heat 2
Blue ribbons: Stephanie Atkinson, first; Taylor Martz, second; Ethan Farr, third; Kendra Arnold, fourth (two ribbons); Katelyn Arnold, fifth; Caleb Stoffel, Kayla Campbell, Clay Richison and Arizona Sunday (two ribbons).
12-24 Months
Blue ribbons: Andrew Laymon, first; Joshua Leidig, second; Kaitlyn Drayer, third; Andrew Laymon, fourth; Joshua Leidig, fifth; Madeline Laymon, Victoria Keiffer (two ribbons), Benjamin Stoffel, Ethan Farr, Kaitlyn Drayer, Barrett Barscz, Josi Barscz, Hayley Jackson, Hannah Stoffel and Johnna Cummins (two ribbons).

Kaitlin Jones, champion and reserve champion senior dairy doe.
1-2 years
Blue ribbon: Garrett Scher.
2-3 years
Blue ribbons: Kendra Arnold, first; Joshua Leidig, second; Wyatt Landrum, third; Joshua Leidig, fourth; Hannah Stoffel, fifth; Matthew Kline and Garrett Scher.
3-5 years
Blue ribbons: Taylor Scher, first; Joshua Leidig, second; Katelyn Arnold, third; Michael Kline, fourth; Garrett Scher, fifth; Arizona Sunday, Johnna Cummins, Hannah Stoffel, Garrett Scher, Briley Scher, Aleah Eckert and Kayla Campbell.
Over 5 years
Blue ribbons: Joshua Leidig, first; Johnna Cummins, second; Joshua Leidig, third; Arizona Sunday, fourth; Johnna Cummins, fifth

Taylor Scher, champion. Stephanie Atkinson, reserve champion.
Stephanie Atkinson, champion junior doe. Andrew Laymon, reserve champion junior doe.
Taylor Scher, champion senior doe. Joshua Leidig, reserve champion senior doe.

Mother/Daughter Does
Johnna Cummins, champion. Joshua Leidig, reserve champions.
Blue ribbons: Briley Scher, Wyatt Landrum, Hannah Stoffel, Joshua Leidig, Johnna Cummins, Stephanie Atkinson, Taylor Scher and Arizona Sunday.

Emma Haupert, champion pygmy market. Kaitlyn Drayer, reserve champion pygmy market.
Emma Haupert, champion county-bred. Sophie Ottinger, reserve champion county-bred.
15-20 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Hayley Jackson, first; Kayla Campbell, second; Victoria Keiffer, third; Jadyn Bennet, fourth; Madison Landrum, fifth; Mason Landrum, Phoenix Bruce, Barrett Barscz, and Kortney Campbell.
30-32 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Emelia Ottinger, first; Jadyn Bennett, second; Caleb Stoffel, third; Aleah Eckert, fourth; Victoria Keiffer, fifth; Josi Barscz, Benjamin Stoffel, Rylie Farr and Brandon Briggs.
33-38 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Stephanie Ottinger, first; Taylor Martz, second; Evan Martz, third; Sebastian Eckert, fourth, Joshua Leidig, fifth; Madelain Laymon, Wyatt Landrum, Grant Husband, Karigan Kreider and Drew Briggs.
40-44 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Kaitlyn Drayer, first, Matthew Kline, second; Michael Kline, third; Madison Ottinger, fourth; Dakota Plasterer, fifth; Alexis Weaver, Hannah Stoffel and Kaitlyn Drayer.
47-55 lbs.

Blue ribbons: Emma Haupert, first and second; Benjamin Stoffel, third; Hannah Stoffel, fourth; and Kendra Arnold, fifth.

Blue ribbons: Kendra Arnold, first; Katelyn Arnold, second; Briley Scher and Clay Richison.

Braydon Poulson, champion meat doe. Jordyn Poulson, reserve champion meat doe.
Junior Division
Braydon Poulson, champion. Jordyn Poulson, reserve champion.
0-4 months
Blue ribbons: Justin Hladik, first; Garrett Heaston, second; and Seth Moon, third.
4-8 Months Heat 1
Blue ribbons: Jenna Poulson, first; Braydon Poulson, second; Mackinzie Sharpe, third (two ribbons); Ty Miller, fourth; Reece Colclesser, fifth; Justin Hladik, Matthew McMillan and Cassidy Johnson.
4-8 Months Heat 2
Blue ribbons: Braydon Poulson, first; Jordyn Poulson, second; Jenna Poulson, third; Matthew McMillan, fourth; Austin E. Eltzroth, fifth; Jeremiah Johnson, Brock Eltzroth, Tanner Shipley and Kody Moon.
12-24 Months
Blue ribbons: Jordyn Poulson, first and third; Jenna Poulson, second and fourth; Matthew McMillan, fifth; Kody Moon, Garrett Heaston, Ethan Stafford, Reece Colclesser, Jeremiah Johnson and Austin E. Eltzroth.
Senior Division
Jordyn Poulson, champion. Jenna Poulson, reserve champion.
2-3 years
Blue ribbons: Matthew McMillan, first and second.
Over 3 years
Blue ribbons: Braydon Poulson, first and second; Matthew McMillan, third; Garrett Heaston, fourth; Kody Moon, fifth; Spencer Sharpe and Austin E. Eltzroth.

Braydon Poulson, champion. Spencer Sharpe, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons: Spencer Sharpe, Garrett Heaston, Austin E. Eltroth, Braydon Poulson (two ribbons) and Matthew McMillan.

Jackson Johnson, champion meat market. Caden Brubaker, reserve champion meat market.
Braydon Poulson, champion county-bred. Tanner Shipley, reserve champion county-bred.
36-59 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Owen Vickrey, first; Robert Sliger III, second; Clayton Johnson, third; Jake A. Stephan, fourth; Taylor Clark, fifth; Dalaney Vickrey and Kody Moon.
60-65 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Ty Miller, first; Tanner Shipley, second; Jordyn Poulson, third; Angus Jones, fourth; Jake A. Stephan, fifth; Garrett Heaston, Savannah Jones, Audrey Bischoff (two ribbons), Kennady Chapin and Madison Jones.
66-69 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Jackson Johnson, first; Steven Vlot, second; Matthew McMillan, third; Jenna Poulson, fourth; Rebecca Teusch, fifth; Colton Hasty, Seth Moon, Nicholas Johnson and Brady Johnson.
71-76 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Jackson Johnson, first; Johnna Cummins, second (two ribbons); MacKinzie Sharpe, third; Sarah Vlot, fourth; Jenna Poulson, fifth; Cassidy Johnson, Jeremiah Johnson, Emma Melcher and Mickensey Parker.
77-80 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Sarah Vlot, first; Braydon Poulson, second; Matthew McMillan, third; Jada Johnson, fourth; Austin E. Eltzroth, fifth; Tyler Melcher, Adam Hoch and Briley Scher.
83-89 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Caden Brubaker, first; Jada Johnson, second; Spencer Sharpe, third; Jordyn Poulson, fourth; Caden Brubaker, fifth; Chelsea Clark, Justin Hladik, Brock Eltzroth and Katelynn Bruce.
90-100 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Braydon Poulson, first; Reece Colclesser, second; Brody Norwood, third; and Jami Norwood, fourth.

First Year Showmanship

Tyler Melcher, champion. Emma Haupert, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons: Aidan Hosler, Ethan Farr, Jaxon Crawford, Justin Hladik, Olivia Walpole, Tyler Melcher, Jessica Lewis, Jenna Poulson, Owen Vickrey, Emma Haupert and Danita Clark.
Junior Showmanship
Matthew McMillan, champion. Reece Colclesser, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons: Preston Teusch, Stephanie Atkinson, Kortney Campbell, Briley Scher, Reece Colclesser, Michael Kline, Matthew Kline, Caden Brubaker, Brady Lewis, Matthew McMillan, Katelynn Arnold, Barrett Barscz and Colin Suchcicki.
Intermediate Showmanship
Jordyn Poulson, champion. Spencer Atkinson, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons: Jordyn Poulson, Hayley Jackson, Victoria Keiffer, Emma Melcher, Josi Barscz, Savannah Jones, Mickensey Parker, Chelsea Clark, Dylan Wynkoop, Elaina Teusch, Evan Hill, Dalaney Vickrey, Kendra Arnold, Emily Willard, Seth Moon, Johnna Cummins, Spencer Atkinson and Andrew Freck.
Senior Showmanship
Tanner Shipley, champion. Joshua Leidig, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons: Joshua Leidig, Tanner Shipley, Kaitlin Jones, Leslie Yarde, Rebecca Smith, Taylor Clark, Brody Norwood and Jami Norwood.
Master Showmanship
Braydon Poulson, champion.
Blue ribbons: Tanner Shipley, Jordyn Poulson, Matthew McMillan, Tyler Melcher and Braydon Poulson.

Joshua Leidig, champion. Bonnie Hardy, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons: Allie Bennett, Bonnie Hardy, Joshua Leidig, Morgan McNally, Olivia Walpole and Rylie Farr.

Blue ribbons: Leslie Yarde, Stephanie Atkinson, Caden Brubaker and Justin Hladik.

Blue ribbon: Kloee Vickrey.