Cady and Smith are fine arts champions at fair

Following are the results of the 4-H arts/crafts - fine arts judging.

They are:

Alivia M. Cady, champion; Darianna Bryant, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons, with honors: Darianna Bryant, Alivia M. Cady, Victoria D. Hinshaw and Lauryne E. Pearson.
Blue ribbons: Emma R. Corbin, Rachel Ervin, Sarah A. Malone, Kloee M. Vickrey, Hudson A. Winters and Maggie Winters.
Red ribbons: Alyssa M. Fulton, Rachael M. Fulton, Karissa L. Marley, Mary Rittenhouse, Briley Scher, Benjamin Shriner, Esabella M. Slagel, Levi R. Teusch and Ashley A. Wesco.

Rebecca K. Smith, champion; Katherine D. Stephan, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons, with honors: Sophie Ottinger, Rebecca K. Smith, Katherine D. Stephan, Elijah C. Van Dine and Elijah M. Vance.
Blue ribbons: Holly N. Bickel, Christian J. Jones, David Layman, Rachel O. Platt and Hannah Scher.
Red ribbons: Stephanie I. Dryer, Elaine R. Everts, Jaclyn N. Hiner, Casey L. Richman, Lily E. Sabinske, Lauren A. Stephan and Brooke N. Overholser.
Green ribbon: Kayla L. Floyd.