Vickrey, Trickle grab off grand championships in swine competition

The results of the 4-H swine show have been announced.

They are:

Dalaney Vickrey, grand champion barrow.
Kelsey Bauer, reserve grand champion barrow.
Thomas Trout, third overall, crossbred barrow.
Dalaney Vickrey, fourth overall, Chester White barrow.
Lane Burnau, fifth overall, Duroc barrow.


Dalaney Vickrey, champion crossbred barrow.
Thomas Trout, reserve champion crossbred barrow.

Kyra Kiel, champion lightweight crossbred barrow.
Thomas Trout, reserve champion lightweight crossbred barrow.
Class 1 - Underweight
Red ribbons: Marissa Stephan, Tremar Clore, Brandon Briggs and Kelsea Poe.
Class 2
Blue ribbons: Jonathan Richardson, first; Hailee Wilcoxson, second; Tyler Stephan, third; Lane Wright, fourth; Marissa Stephan, fifth; Kalee Platt, Emily Harrell, Ian Broderick and Eryn Dolby.
Class 3
Blue ribbons: Taylor Scher, first; Elaine Everts, second; Trey Cripe, third; Walker Spahr, fourth; Jacob Allred, fifth; Zach Ramp and Crosley Stanley.
Class 4
Blue ribbons: Tyler Kline, first; Jonathan Richardson, second; Brooke Lengerich, third; Colton Landrum, fourth; Chandler Updike, fifth; Kolton Helmke, Brayden Stanley and Kathleen Jacobs.
Class 5
Blue ribbons: Kyra Kiel, first; Thomas Trout, second; Jeremiah Doctor, third; Benjamin Blinn, fourth; Konner Platt, fifth; Ross Wilcoxson, Daniel Hardy and Allie Bennett.

Dalaney Vickrey, champion middleweight crossbred barrow.
Austin L. Eltzroth, reserve champion middleweight crossbred barrow.
Class 7
Blue ribbons: Jordyn Poulson, first; Jacob Wood, second; Evan Wilcoxson, fourth; Gabrielle Malone and Tyson Thompson, fifth; Ashley Wesco, Austin E. Eltzroth, Evan Huntley, Kirsten Roller and Doyle King.
Class 8
Blue ribbons: Conner Lauer, first; Brody Norwood, second; Emma Haupert, third; Trey Wuensch, fourth; Marissa Scharich, fifth; Chase Williams, Karigan Kreider, Timothy Jacobs and Kathleen Jacobs.
Class 9
Blue ribbons: Conner Lauer, first; Kendra Arnold, second; Cale Burnau, third; Kyle Platt, fourth; Tiffany Burke, fifth; Katie Melcher, Tremar Clore, Tori Johnson and Alexandra Stanley.
Class 10
Blue ribbons: Dalaney Vickrey, first; Kelsey Bauer, second; Rachel Cave, third, Matthew McMillan, fourth; Michael Parks, fifth; Madison Jennings, Ty Miller and Brayden Stanley.
Class 11
Blue ribbons: Austin L. Eltzroth, first; Aidan Raab, second; Trevor Brewer, third; Bergon Conwell, fourth and fifth; Cameron Dewitt, Garret Smith, Matthew Knight, Crosley Stanley and Austin Updike.

Thomas Trout, champion heavyweight crossbred barrow.
Owen Vickrey, reserve champion heavyweight crossbred barrow.
Class 13
Blue ribbons: Jami Norwood, first; Tanner Shipley second; Emma Landrum, third; Westley Smith, fourth; Andrew Laymon, fifth; Erin Burke, Tiffany Burke, Sarah Malone and Robyn Karst.
Class 14
Blue ribbons: Thomas Trout, first; Audrey Rice, second; Allyson Trout, third; Jarred Rice, fourth; Kennidy Lauer, fifth; Alyssia Stephan, Megan Stanley, Michael Kline and Henry Easley.
Class 15
Blue ribbons: Owen Vickrey, first; Allyson Trout, second; Braydon Poulson, third; Clayton Johnson, fourth; Mason Miller, fifth; Madelynn Keiffer, Cory Little, Ben Johnson and Matthew Kline.
Class 16
Blue ribbons: Drew Kreiger, first; Kristen Dyson, second; Collin Wesco, third; Brent Kreiger, fourth; Taylor Trout, fifth; and Timothy Jacobs.
Class 17
Blue ribbons: Eli Little, first and third; Dylan Hasty, second; James Wright, fourth and Angus Jones, fifth.


Benjamin Warpup, champion Berkshire barrow.
Lucas Reust, reserve champion Berkshire barrow.
Class 20
Blue ribbons: Benjamin Warpup, first; Gregory Goff, second; Jordyn Poulson, third; Kyra Kiel, fourth; Garrett Scher, fifth; Kendra Wright and Samantha Roller.
Class 21
Blue ribbons: Lucas Reust, first; Alex Wesco, second; Taylor Trout, third; Mason Landrum, fourth; Travis Wuensch, fifth; and Colton Landrum.

Dalaney Vickrey, champion Chester White barrow.
Garrett Scher, reserve champion Chester White barrow.
Class 23
Blue ribbons: Dalaney Vickrey, first; Garrett Scher, second; Brady Johnson, third; Jordan West, fourth; Thatcher Landrum, fifth; Austin Stucky, Nicholas Stucky, Travis Wuensch, Jacob Wood and Tyler Melcher.

Lane Burnau, champion Duroc barrow.
Aidan Raab, reserve champion Duroc barrow.
Class 24
Blue ribbons: Katelynn Arnold, first; Jackson Johnson, second; Jada Johnson, third; Hannah Peters, fourth; Kirsten Roller, fifth; Audrey Bischoff, Savannah Deakyne (two ribbons) and Colin Suchcicki.
Class 25
Blue ribbons: Lane Burnau, first; Jackson Johnson, second; Brady Johnson, third; Austin Stucky, fourth; Andrew Broderick, fifth; Keagan Landrum, Evan Martz, Walker Spahr, Jenna Poulson and Jadyn Bennett.
Class 26
Blue ribbons: Aidan Raab, first; Tate Russell, second; Chad Lytle, third; Emma Corbin, fourth; Kennidy Lauer, fifth; Madelynn Keiffer, Hannah Peters, Jordan Yohe, Sam White and Ashley Wesco.
Class 27
Blue ribbons: Leigh Trickle, first; Emma Haupert, second; Conner West, third; Zachary Shearer, fourth; Cole Little, fifth; Trevor Brewer, Lily Clanin and Thatcher Landrum.
Class 28
Blue ribbons: Jada Johnson, first; Kaitlin Aughinbaugh, second; Hannah Will, third; Briley Scher, fourth; Cole Little, fifth; Collin Landrum and Joseph Bentz.

Lane Whitted, champion Hampshire barrow.
Tanner Shipley, reserve champion Hampshire barrow.
Class 30
Blue ribbons: Jordan Yohe, first; Sarah Vlot, second; Michael Kline, third; Brendon Ramp, fourth; Brandon Will, fifth; and Jadyn Bennett.
Class 31
Blue ribbons: Lane Whitted, first; Tanner Shipley, second; Brody Norwood, third; Lucas Reust, fourth; Andrew Laymon, fifth; and Bailey Landrum.

Lane Whitted, champion Hereford barrow.
Madison Wohlford, reserve champion Hereford barrow.
Class 33
Blue ribbons: Lane Whitted, first; Madison Wohlford, second; Zachary Shearer, third; Arizona Sunday, fourth; and Matthew Knight, fifth.

Cale Burnau, champion Landrace barrow.
Caden Brubaker, reserve champion Landrace barrow.
Class 34
Blue ribbons: Cale Burnau, first; Caden Brubaker, second; Brock Eltzroth, third; Eryn Dolby, fourth, Sam White, fifth, and Stephanie Atkinson.

Owen Vickrey, champion Poland barrow
Cassidy Johnson, reserve champion Poland barrow.
Class 35
Blue ribbons: Owen Vickrey, first; Cassidy Johnson, second; Spencer Atkinson, third; Mason Sell, fourth; Jenna Poulson, fifth; Collin Suchcicki, Tori Johnson and Cameron Kreider.

Gabrielle Line, champion spot barrow.
Clayton Johnson, reserve champion spot barrow.
Class 36
Blue ribbons: Gabrielle Line, first; Clayton Johnson, second, Sarah Vlot, third; Abby Blocker, fourth; Trey Cripe, fifth; Madalyn Weller, Collin Wesco, Dakota Sunday and Elijah Allred.
Class 37
Blue ribbons: Katelyn Arnold, first; Tate Russell, second; Madeline Rubrake, third; Sarah Hunnicutt, fourth; Wyatt Couch, fifth; Madison Landrum, Steven Jeffers, Stephanie Atkinson and Kaitlin Aughinbaugh.

Kelsey Bauer, champion Yorkshire barrow.
Braydon Poulson, reserve champion Yorkshire barrow.
Class 39
Blue ribbons: Kelsey Bauer, first; Jarred Rice, second; Bailey Irick, third; Benjamin Warpup, fourth; Tyson Thompson, fifth; Madeleine Laymon, Austin E. Eltzroth, Samantha Roller, Trey Wuensch and Zachary Bischoff.
Class 40
Blue ribbons: Kendra Arnold, first; Marissa Scharich, second; Alex Wesco, third; Andrew Smith, fourth; Rachel Cave, fifth; Madeline Rubrake, Evan Huntley, Benjamin Blinn and Madeleine Laymon.
Class 41
Blue ribbons: Braydon Poulson, first; Caden Brubaker, second; Alexis Weaver, third; Briley Scher, fourth; Steven Jeffers, fifth; and Gabrielle Malone.
Class 42
Blue ribbons: Leigh Trickle, first; Corey Rice, second; Lily Clanin, third; Matthew Kline, fourth; Keagan Landrum, fifth; and Bailey Landrum.

Robert Sliger II, champion and reserve champion all other breeds.
Class 44
Blue ribbons: Robert Sliger III, first and second.

Leigh Ann Trickle, grand champion gilt.
Owen Vickrey, reserve grand champion gilt.
Kelsey Bauer, third overall, Landrace AOB gilt
Austin L. Eltzroth, fourth overall, Berkshire gilt.
Taylor Scher, fifth overall, crossbred gilt.

Taylor Scher, champion crossbred gilt.
Kendra Arnold, reserve champion crossbred gilt.
Class 45
Red ribbons: Kelsea Poe, Cameron Kreider, Zachary Bischoff, Marissa Stephan, Lane Wright, Haylee Weller and Dana Stoffel.
Class 46
Blue ribbons: Leah Stoffel, first; Taylor Trout, second; Kendal Kline, third; Kendra Wright, fourth; Chad Lytle, fifth; Taylor Scher, Sarah Malone, Brendon Ramp, Alexandra Stanley and Chase Williams.
Class 47
Blue ribbons: Logan Kline, first; Matthew McMillan, second; Kendal Kline, third; Erin Burke, fourth; Ty Miller, fifth; Eryn Dolby, James Wright, Ben Johnson and Lane Schoeff.
Class 48
Blue ribbons: Michael Parks Jr., first; Dalaney Vickrey, second; Landon Hethcote, third, Lane Burnau, fourth; Wyatt Couch, fifth; Gregory Goff, Arizona Sunday, Brent Kreiger, Drew Kreiger and Chad Lytle.
Class 49
Blue ribbons: Mason Miller, first; Tanner Shipley, second; Kristen Dyson, third; Michael Kline, fourth; Brock Eltzroth, fifth; Tate Russell, Kirsten Roller, Cory Little, Benjamin Blinn and Cameron Dewitt.
Class 50
Blue ribbons: Taylor Scher, first; Kendra Arnold, second; Audrey Rice, third; Thomas Trout, fourth; Bailey Irick, fifth; Tyler Kline, Conner Lauer, Austin E. Eltzroth and Landon Hethcote.

Austin L. Eltzroth, champion Berkshire gilt.
Emma Haupert, reserve champion Berkshire gilt.
Class 52
Blue ribbons: Austin L. Eltzroth, first; Emma Haupert, second; Kennidy Lauer, third; Cassidy Johnson, fourth; Aidan Raab, fifth; and Gatlin Sunday.

Madalyn Weller, champion Chester White gilt.
Wyatt Couch, reserve champion Chester White gilt.
Class 53
Blue ribbons: Madalyn Weller, first; Wyatt Couch, second; Jordan West, third; and Emma Melcher, fourth.
Leigh Ann Trickle, champion Duroc gilt.
Cassidy Johnson, reserve champion Duroc gilt.
Class 54
Blue ribbons: Cassidy Johnson, first; Gabrielle Line, second; Alexis Weaver, third; Jarred Rice, fourth; Trevor Brewer, fifth; Kaytlin Wiley and Zach Ramp.
Class 55
Blue ribbons: Leigh Ann Trickle, first; Cole Little, second; Evan Martz, third; Austin L. Eltzroth, fourth; Brandon Briggs, fifth; and Lane Burnau.

Caden Brubaker, champion Hampshire gilt.
Matthew Kline, reserve champion Hampshire gilt.
Class 57
Blue ribbons: Caden Brubaker, first; Matthew Kline, second; and Matthew McMillan, third.
Katelynn Arnold, champion Poland gilt.
Emma Landrum, reserve champion Poland gilt.
Class 58
Blue ribbons: Katelynn Arnold, first; Emma Landrum, second; Jacob Wood, third; and Haleigh Dennis, fourth.

Gregory Goff, champion spot gilt.
Collin Langston, reserve champion spot gilt.
Class 59
Blue ribbons: Gregory Goff, first; Collin Langston, second; Clayton Johnson, third; Gabrielle Line, fourth; Spencer Atkinson, fifth; Sarah Hunnicut and Grace Sell.
Class 60
Blue ribbons: Rachel Cave, first; Lily Clanin, second; Jeremiah Johnson, third; Lucas Reust, fourth; Haylee Weller, fifth; and Benjamin Warpup.

Owen Vickrey, champion Yorkshire gilt.
Audrey Rice, reserve champion Yorkshire gilt.
Class 62
Blue ribbons: Audrey Rice, first; Mason Miller, second; Brady Johnson, third; Wesley Smith, fourth; Bailey Irick, fifth; Abby Blocker, Kaytlin Wiley and Rebecca Smith.
Class 63
Blue ribbons: Owen Vickrey, first; Hannah Peters, second; Cale Burnau, third; Dana Stoffel, fourth; Cory Little, fifth; Garrett Scher and Conor White.

Kelsey Bauer, champion all other breeds.
Ty Miller, reserve champion all other breeds
Class 65
Blue ribbons: Kelsey Bauer, first; Ty Miller, second; and Lane Whitted, third.

First Year Showman

Owen Vickrey, champion. Emma Corbin, reserve champion.
Junior Showman
Katelynn Arnold, champion. Audrey Rice, reserve champion.
Intermediate Showman
Kendra Arnold, champion. Brady Johnson, reserve champion.
Senior Showman
Thomas Trout, champion. Leigh Ann Trickle, reserve champion.
Master Showman
Thomas Trickle, Champion. Tanner Shippley, reserve champion.