Richardson and Poulson take top honors in 4-H beef show judging

Results of the 4-H beef show have been announced.

They are:

Riley Richardson, supreme champion female and champion county-bred female.
Collin Langston, reserve supreme champion female and reserve champion county-bred female.

Matthew Knight, champion Angus heifer and champion county-bred Angus heifer.
Senior Heifer
Blue ribbon: Matthew Knight.

Collin Langston, champion Charolais heifer and champion county-bred heifer.
Rhitt Langston, reserve champion Charolais heifer.
Summer Yearling
Blue ribbon: Rhitt Langston.
Junior Yearling
Blue ribbon: Collin Langston.

Emma Landrum, champion Chianina heifer.
Matthew Knight, reserve champion Chianina heifer and champion county-bred Chianina heifer.
Junior Yearling
Blue ribbons: Matthew Knight and Emma Landrum.

Matthew Knight, champion Gelbiew heifer.
Junior Yearling
Blue ribbon: Matthew Knight.

Thatcher Landrum, champion Hereford heifer and champion county-bred Hereford heifer.
Landon Hethcote, reserve champion Hereford heifer.
Summer Yearling
Blue ribbon: Landon Hethcote
Junior Yearling
Blue ribbons: Thatcher Landrum (two ribbons).

Garrett Heaston, champion cow/calf and champion county-bred cow/calf.
Blue ribbon: Garrett Heaston.

Sarah Hunnicutt, champion Limousin heifer.
Blue ribbon: Sarah Hunnicutt.

Landon Hethcote, champion Maine heifer and champion county-bred Maine heifer.
Blue ribbon: Landon Hethcote.

Matthew Knight, champion Maine Tainer heifer and champion county-bred Maine Tainer heifer.
Emma Bechtold, reserve champion Maine Tainer heifer.
Blue ribbons: Emma Bechtold and Matthew Knight.

Emma Landrum, champion shorthorn heifer and champion county-bred shorthorn heifer.
Victoria Keiffer, reserve champion shorthorn heifer.
Blue ribbons: Emma Landrum and Victoria Keiffer.

Rylee Spice, champion Sim Solution heifer and champion county-bred Sim Solution heifer.
Blue ribbon: Rylee Spice.

Cole Little, champion Simmental heifer and champion county-bred Simmental heifer.
Blue ribbon: Cole Little.

Riley Richardson, champion commercial heifer and champion county-bred commercial heifer.
Emma Bechtold, reserve champion commercial heifer.
792 lbs.
Blue ribbon: Michel Henderson.
1,188-1,254 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Emma Bechtold, first; Jacob Hiatt, second; and Garrett Heaston, third.
1,338-1,354 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Riley Richardson, first, and Collin Wesco, second.

Braydon Poulson, grand champion steer,
Sarah Hunnicutt, reserve grand champion steer.

Mason Miller, champion Angus steer.
Alexis Wygant, reserve champion Angus steer and champion county-bred Angus steer.
1,182-1,184 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Matthew Knight, first, and Deandra Wygant, second.
1,284-1,332 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Mason Miller, first; Alexis Wygant, second; Zane Wygant, third; and Cory Little, fourth.

Cassidy Johnson, champion Chi steer.
Tess Widener, reserve champion Chi steer.
1,320-1,348 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Cassidy Johnson, first; Tess Widener, second; Brody Norwood, third; and Landon Hethcote, fourth.
1,454 lbs.
Blue ribbon: Devon Rooney.

Jacob Stephan, champion and reserve champion dairy steers.
Brianna Mason, champion county-bred dairy steer.
1,202-1,230 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Chase Williams, first, and Angel Thurman, second.
1,334-1,354 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Jacob Stephan, first, and Brianna Mason, second.
1,462-1,526 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Jacob Stephan, first; Stephanie Atkinson, second; Julie Winters, third; and Spencer Atkinson, fourth.

Thatcher Landrum, champion Hereford steer and champion county-bred Hereford steer.
Austin Sullivan, reserve champion Hereford steer.
1,096-1,126 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Reece Colclesser, first, and Luke Pulver, second.
1,208-1,226 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Austin Sullivan, first, and Hunter Sullivan, second.
1,352 lbs.
Blue ribbon: Thatcher Landrum.

Kaitlyn Stephan, champion Maine steer and champion county-bred Maine steer.
Cassidy Johnson, reserve champion Maine steer.
1,302-1,318 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Kaitlyn Stephan, first, and Collin Wesco, second.
1,370-1,432 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Cassidy Johnson, first, and Logan Kline, second.

Parker Brundige, champion Red Poll steer and champion county-bred Red Poll steer.
Alisha Ford, reserve champion Red Poll steer.
1,148-1,202 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Christian Jones, first, and Savannah Jones, second.
1,250-1,306 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Parker Brundige, first, and Alisha Ford, second.

Trey Cripe, champion shorthorn steer.
Emma Landrum, reserve champion shorthorn steer and champion county-bred shorthorn steer.
1,176 lbs.
Blue ribbon: Mason Landrum.
1,276-1,290 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Tess Widener, first; Collin Landrum, second; and Colton Landrum, third.
1,324-1,366 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Trey Cripe, first; Emma Landrum, second; and Madelynn Keiffer, third.

Jami Norwood, champion Simmental steer.
Braydon Poulson, reserve champion Simmental steer.
Tyce Rooney, champion county-bred Simmental steer.
1,116 lbs.
Blue ribbon, Alex Wesco.
1,290-1,322 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Jami Norwood, first, and Braydon Poulson, second.
1,434-1,484 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Tyce Rooney, first, and Brooke Lengerich, second.

Braydon Poulson, champion crossbred steer.
Sarah Hunnicutt, reserve champion crossbred steer.
Lauren Stephan, champion county-bred crossbred steer.
1,028-1,112 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Emma Bechtold, first; Matthew Knight, second; and Eli Little, third.
1,230-1,260 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Lauren Stephan, first, and Chad Lytle, second.
1,308-1,376 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Braydon Poulson, first; Sarah Hunnicutt, second; Alisha Ford, third; Collin Wesco, fourth; Evan Huntley, fifth; Andrew Laymon and Jacob Hiatt.

Spencer Atkinson, champion, 2.962963; Trey Cripe, reserve champion, 2.955381; Logan Kline, 2.910053; Chad Lytle, 2.814815; Stephanie Atkinson, 2.814815; Cory Little, 2.772487; Jacob Stephan, 2.751323; Cassidy Johnson, 2.719577; Jami Norwood, 2.698441; and Brody Norwood, 2.645503.

1st Year Showman
Landon Hethcote, champion. Mason Miller, reserve champion.
Junior Showman
Tyce Rooney, champion. Emma Bechtold, reserve champion.
Intermediate Showman
Sarah Hunnicutt, champion. Kaitlyn Stephan, reserve champion.
Senior Showman
Brody Norwood, champion. Thatcher Landrum, reserve champion
Master Showman
Collin Langston, champion.