One record set as auction dollars are slightly up from 2012 figures

One record was broken at this year's Huntington County 4-H Fair Auction.

The sale of Lane Burnau's grand champion market lamb for $4,300 eclipsed the previous record of $1,775, which was set in 2009.

Although the lot at this year's auction was smaller than last year's - 714 to 769 - it managed to generate higher sales. This year's final premium total was $230,105, up a tick from 2012's closing mark of $229,260.

Following is a breakdown of averages and comparisons for each breed that was sold at auction on Thursday, July 25.

They are:

Forty beef animals were sold, for a total of $24,150. Last year boasted similar totals, with 43 cows auctioned for $25,200.

The average price of $603.75 was up a bit from last year's average of $586.05

Thatcher Landrum had the breed's biggest sale of the day, netting $3,100.

Sarah Hunnicutt's beef brought in $1,900 to highlight three other 4-H'ers going over the $1,000 mark.

Three gallons of milk were sold for a tally of $850.
While sales would appear to be down significantly from last year - when four gallons combined to sell for $2,375 - that total was bolstered by Casey Baker's record-breaking sale of $1,200.

With Baker's haul inflating the total last year, the average price of $593.75 was more than double this year's rate of $283.33.

Alexis Wygant got the top bid of $850 this year.

This year's lot was 23 head smaller than last year's - 104 to 127 - but managed to yield slightly higher sales overall, $34,775 to $33,200.

That came because the average price of $334.38 per head was significantly higher than last year's average of $261.42.

Caden Brubaker had the breed's biggest sale, pocketing $2,000.

Victoria Keiffer earned $1,200 among two others topping the four-figure mark.

Once again, more animals were sold in this auction than any other, with a total of 231.

Total sales reached $48,760 - the auction's second-highest breed total of the day. That figure is lower than last year's, though, when a lot of 237 went for $55,705.

Tyce Rooney led all 4-H'ers in this breed with a sale of $850.

Rabbits brought in a total of $34,370 with 112 animals sold.

This year's sale bettered 2012's by more than $11,000, with 2012 producing an even $23,000.

The average animal price of $306.88 easily topped last year's mark of $219.05.

Collin Langston netted $3,000 in the breed's biggest sale.

A.J. Hoover was next on the list at $1,875.

This year's lot of 40 may have been smaller than 2012's 62, but generated more money overall, with sales totaling $17,900 versus $11,700.

Burnau led the way with his record-setting sale. Haley Burnau also broke the four-figure mark, netting $1,300.
Those two pumped up the average price to $447.50, blowing away last year's average of $188.71.

Just as in 2012, this breed generated the auction's highest sales, with 184 animals going for $69,300.

Last year saw 191 hogs generate $78,080.

Dalaney Vickrey had the biggest piece of the grand total with a sale of $4,525. Six other 4-H'ers followed Vickrey's lead and broke the four-figure mark as well, highlighted by Arizona Sunday's sale of $2,000.