Auction rings down curtain on Huntington County 4-H Fair Auction

The following are the results of the 2013 Huntington County 4-H Fair auction, held Thusday, July 25.

They are:

Forty beef animals were sold for a total of $24,150. The average premium price per animal was $603.75.

Results of the 2013 4-H beef auction include the 4-H members name, premium price and the buyer.

Individual sales were:

Sarah Hunnicutt, $1,900, Salamonie Mills Tack & Supply, Eads & Son Bulldozing, Hiner Farms, Transwheel Corp. and Schrader Real Estate - Zach Hiner.

Kaitlyn Stephan, $500, Horrell Insurance.

Mason Miller, $500, Doc and Mag Poppy, Mike and Brenda DeWitt and Rex and Susan Miller.

Cassidy Johnson, $450, Huntington Heating & Cooling.

Jacob Stephan, $400, North Central Co-Op.

Thatcher Landrum, $3,100, Dorothy Landrum, Robert and Dr. Michelle Miller, Jon and Terri Jennings family, Phil and Jenny Shafer, Ridgeview Farms and Ethan and Morgan Wiedenhoeft.

Parker Brundige, $300, Carl Swine Enterprise.

Trey Cripe, $350, Randall Cripe Trucking.

Brooke Lengerich, $500, Council Bluff Farm.

Alex Wesco, $350, Salamonie Mills.

Collin Landrum, $300, Salamonie Mills.

Collin Wesco, $300, Greg and Melissa Freck.

Hunter Sullivan, $700, Five Star Distributing Inc., Jon and Terri Jennings family and Nancy Houser.

Christian Jones, $350, Jim and Diane Carl family.

Jacob Hiatt, $300, Larry and Joyce Keiffer family.

Landon Hethcote, $300, iAB financial bank.

Lauren Stephan, $600, Larry and Joyce Keiffer family.

Mason Landrum, $300, North Central Co-Op.

Luke Pulver, $350, EconOasis.

Austin Sullivan, $850, Five Star Distributing Inc.,
Nancy Houser and Robert and Dr. Michelle Miller.

Andrew Laymon, $400, Bippus State Bank.

Julie Winters, $450, Mason Family Dairy and Genevieve Mason.

Emma Landrum, $450, Dennis Grain & Fertilizer Co.

Tess Widener, $1,500, Joe and Debbie Wiley family, Bowers Brewer Garrett Wiley LLP, Bill Preston, John Vickrey family, Robert Jr. and Monica Sliger family and Heritage Pointe.

Tyce Rooney, $550, Johnson Petroleum Inc.

Evan Huntley, $400, Lengerich Meats.

Spencer Atkinson, $350, Bonewitz Repair Inc.

Madelynn Keiffer, $1,100, Tri Green Tractor.

Zane Wygant, $500, Homer and Marj Hiner.

Reece Colclesser, $700, Tony Johnson.

Alexis Wygant, $600, TD Wall Inc. Exiss & Sooner Livestock Trailers.

Chad Lytle, $600, Matheny Hahn, Denman & Nix.

Eli Little, $550, Helena Chemical - Markle.

Logan Kline, $400, Huntington County Cattlemen.

Savannah Jones, $350, Wygant Brothers.

Colton Landrum, $450, Little River Farms.

Matthew Knight, $700, Waldo Knight family and K&S Construction.

Cory Little, $550, Stop and Shop.

Devon Rooney, $500, John Anson.

Deandra Wygant, $550, Helena Chemical - Markle.

Three gallons of milk were sold for a tally of $850, averaging $283.33 in premium money.

Results of the 2013 4-H dairy auction include the 4-H members name, premium price and the buyer.

Individual sales were:

Brayton Goebel, $150, McElhaney-Hart Funeral home.

Hayley Jackson, $250, Kevin and Jennifer Jackson.

Alexis Wygant, $450, Johnson Petroleum, Inc.

A total of 104 goats were sold for $34,775 in the goat auction this year, averaging $334.38 per head in premium money.

Results of the 2013 4-H goat auction include the 4-H members name, premium price and the buyer.

Individual sales were:

Leslie Yarde, $800, Greg and Melissa Freck and Terry and Natalie Keiffer.

Spencer Atkinson, $225, Andy Rice Farms.

Kaitlyn Drayer, $600, Haynes Dairy Farm and Becks Hybrids.

Caden Brubaker, $2,000, Jeff and Becky Souder, Dennis and Janell Brubaker family, John Vickrey family, Steffen Oil, First Farmers Bank & Trust, Salamonie Mills, Helena Chemical - Markle, iAB financial bank, Elite Ag Solutions Division of Daughtery Co., Lola Moore, Megan Karst and Nick's Flying Service.

Sophie Ottinger, $200, Brian and Abbey Spice family.

Braydon Poulson, $300, Salamonie Mills.

Tanner Shipley, $350, Salamonie Mills.

Jordyn Poulson, $400, Adam and Julie Hendryx.

Matthew McMillan, $275, Salamonie Mills.

Tyler Melcher, $450, Stephan DRP Inc.

Joshua Leidig, $400, Crossroads Pantry - Warren.

Reece Colclesser, $550, Rupley Farm Equipment.

Andrew Broderick, $200, B-Safe Extinguishers.

Sebastian Eckert, $350, Steve and Sherrill Ness and Ness Bros. Real Estate & Auction Co.

Bonnie Hardy, $1,100, Jerry Krick, Paul Hardy family, Specialty Hybrids - Kate Blair, Specialty Engineering, iAB financial bank and Brad and Katie Blair.

Jackson Johnson, $1,000, Salamonie Mills, Jackson & Johnson Show Pigs, Gebhart Floral Barn and Roger and Joyce Trout.

Madison Ottinger, $250, Huntington County Goat Association.

Dakota Plasterer, $250, Lola Plasterer.

Mackinzie Sharpe, $450, Crossroads Pantry - Warren.

Rebecca Smith, $800, Roger J. Horrell family, Greg and Melissa Freck and Janet DeWitt.

Audrey Bischoff, $275, First Federal Savings Bank.

Clayton Johnson, $225, R.W. Jones family

Cassidy Johnson, $300, Salamonie Mills.

Robert Sliger III, $350, PNC Bank.

Kennady Chapin, $200, Wehr Electric - Colter and Cynthia Wehr.

Ian Broderick, $225, B-Safe Extinguishers.

Drew Briggs, $225, First Federal Savings Bank.

Mary Winans, $200, Huntington County Goat Association.

Andrew Freck, $225, Roger J. Horrell family.

Katelynn Bruce, $225, Myers Funeral Home.

Ben Johnson, $325, EconoMart Sunoco.

Justin Hladik, $300, George and Della Wissinger family.

Jake A. Stephan, $400, Bippus State Bank.

Dalaney Vickrey, $300, Salamonie Mills.

Garrett Heaston, $250o, Salamonie Mills.

Spencer Sharpe, $250, Salamonie Mills.

Taylor Martz, $350, Tony Johnson.

Josi Barscz, $400, Salamonie Mills.

Stephanie Atkinson, $350, Pearson's Body Shop.

Clay Richison, $275, Meyer Building LLC.

Mason Landrum, $350, iAB financial bank and Troxel Equipment.

Johnna Cummins, $300, Joyce Buzzard, Cummins Farm and Montpelier Ag LLC.

Cora Hill, $350, Salamonie Mills.

Emma Melcher, $400, Tri Green Tractor.

Jadyn Bennett, $550, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance - Adam Stroup.

Caleb Stoffel, $400, Brewer Farms.

Phoenix Bruce, $175, Grady and Janelle Stout.

Angus Jones, $225, First Federal Savings Bank.

Brady Johnson, $275, Warpup Farms.

Evan Hill, $200, Eldon and Phylis Bruner.

Hayley Jackson, $225, Ned and Debra Ruble family.

Wyatt Landrum, $350, Bippus Lions.

Savannah Jones, $325, Dwight Wesco.

Devin Suchcicki, $175, Tom Fulton family.

Andrew Smith, $450, Susanne Easterday.

Jessica Hernandez, $150, Huntington County Goat Association.

Barrett Barscz, $250, Crop Production Services.

Owen Vickrey, $400, Tri Green Tractor.

Grant Husband, $275, Husband & Sons Construction.

Hannah Stoffel, $300, Brewer Farms.

Madison Jones, $200, United REMC.

Jaxon Crawford, $175, Bippus Lions.

Seth Moon, $175, Novae Corporation.

Kody Moon, $150, Montpelier Ag LLC.

Mickensey Parker, $600, Bippus State Bank, Bowers Brewer Garrett Wiley LLP and Central States Grain - Montpelier.

Morgan McNally, $150, Roger and Debbie Dyson family.

Adam Hoch, $125, Troxel Equipment.

Colton Hasty, $125, E&B Paving and IMI.

Garret Smith, $350, Tri Green Tractor.

Katelynn Arnold, $200, W&W Locker Custom Butchering.

Briley Scher, $225, Dennis Grain & Fertilizer Co.

Taylor Clark, $225, Johnson Quick Lube.

Brody Norwood, $300, Gary and LuAnn Ambriole.

Kaitlin Jones, $175, United REMC.

Ethan Stafford, $125, McElhaney-Hart Funeral Home.

Benjamin Blinn, $600, Brodbeck Seeds Inc.

Kendra Arnold, $300, Dr. Jennifer Goff.

Jeremiah Johnson, $225, East of Chicago Pizza Co.

Matthew Dewitt, $225, Roger J. Horrell family.

Brock Eltzroth, $250, Warpup Farms.

Karigan Kreider, $175, Beacon Credit Union.

Jenna Poulson, $300, Marc and Linda Dennis and Bob and Marilyn Dennis.

Chelsea Clark, $250, Community Link Federal Credit Union.

Benjamin Stoffel, $275, Bippus State Bank.

Rylie Farr, $175, Cummins Acre.

Lane Wright, $225, Bolinger Propane.

Nicholas Johnson, $250, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance - Adam Stroup.

Victoria Keiffer $1,200, iAB financial bank, Central States Grain - Montpelier and The Andersons.

Brandon Briggs, $200, Little Loonies Pygmy Farm.

Jami Norwood, $400, Luke and Cortney Miller family.

Emelia Ottinger, $125, Hillside Shooting Sports.

Austin E. Eltzroth, $275, Dick Norwood family.

Alexis Weaver, $275, Salamonie Mills.

Rebecca Teusch, $175, Parkview Huntington Hospital.

Jada Johnson, $225, Salamonie Mils.

Preston Teusch, $300, Phil and Nicole Colclesser family.

Madison Landrum, $225, Dr. Jennifer Goff.

Aleah Eckert, $300, Bippus State Bank

Evan Martz , $275, Troxel Equipment.

Elaina Teusch, $350, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance - Adam Stroup.

Colin Suchcicki, $225, Linda Couch.

Danita Clark, $500, Carlene Clark and Huntington University.

Kayla Campbell, $225, Andy Eckert family and McElhaney-Hart Funeral home.

Kortney Campbell $225, Andy Rice Farms.

Total sales for the poultry auction reached $48,760 with 231 birds sold.

Results of the 2013 4-H poultry auction include the 4-H members name, premium price and the buyer.

Individual sales were:

Tiffany Burke, $750, Ryan Warner family.

Courtney Coffman, $125, Playful Puppy Pet Grooming.

Spencer Atkinson, $375, Rooney Farms.

Tyce Rooney, $850, John Anson, Erie Haven Co., Helena Chemical - Markle and Luke and Courtney Miller family.

Austin Rosen, $150, iAB financial bank.

Jordan Yohe, $100, Grady and Janelle Stout.

Gatlin Sunday, $300, Susanne Easterday.

Valerie Huffman, $175, Ad Design.

Rhitt Langston, $350, Rupley Farm Equipment and Hair Shack.

Mary Winans, $200, Roanoke Volunteer Fire Department members.

Jake A. Stephan, $300, Salamonie Mills.

Dylan Wynkoop, $100, Hiner Farms.

Jacob Wood, $175, Erie Haven Co.

Erin Burke, $325, Novae Corporation.

Jonas Smart, $275, Roanoke Kiwanis and Burton Wygant.

Christopher Barrett, $175, Byron Price CPA.

Karlee Hacker, $100, Dr. John Regan DDS.

Savanna Stoltz, $150, First Federal Savings Bank.

Reid Johnson, $225, Brewer Farms.

Walker Spahr, $275, Roger Irick family.

Tori Johnson, $350, Creek Run Environmental.

Aleah Eckert, $250, Ness Bros. Real Estate & Auction Co.

Phoenix Bruce, $125, Huntington County Historical Museum.

Mackenzie Lacroix, $225, Ad Design.

Jacen Johnson, $100, Dr. Eric Harman.

Maggie Threet, $200, Tom Karst Farms and Joe and Teresa Updike family.

Jessica Hernandez, $125, Matt and Sheila Hoch family.

Preslee Williams, $250, Montpelier Ag LLC.

Steven Jeffers, $200, Kory's Automotive.

Alisha Ford, $400, Scheerer-McCulloch Auctioneers and Montpelier Ag LLC.

Collin Langston, $300, Hiner Farms and Schrader Real Estate - Zach Hiner.

Dakota Sunday, $425, Will and Kristi Banter - Specialty Hybrids.

Lane Burnau, $200, Roger Colclesser family.

Adam Bonner, $200, Dave and Carrie Thomas.

Taylor Trout, $100, Stine's Printing.

Parker Brundige, $225, Bentz Farms.

Samantha Roller, $300, Scher Delight Farms.

Madison Houser, $200, Bippus State Bank.

Rylee Bowman, $125, Ad Design.

Austin E. Eltzroth, $150, Salamonie Mills.

Taryn Jojola, $175, Carolyn Bitzer.

Daniel Shivley, $225, Five Star Distributing Inc.

Anna Doctor, $125, Ron Eppard family and Becks Hybrids.

Kayla Campbell, $200, K.S. Photography.

Garrett Heaston, $225, Adam and Candice Couch family.

Grace Fairchild, $225, Terry and Natalie Keiffer family.

Jeremiah Johnson, $125, Louis Dreyfus Commodities.

Katie Melcher, $275, Pefley Farm Equipment.

Cheyanne Slagel, $125, Rupley Farm Equipment.

Tyler Melcher, $275, Silver Creek Farms.

Alyssia Stephan, $250, Bippus Lions.

Joseph Bentz, $325, Dennis Grain & Fertilizer Co.

Autumn Taylor, $125, Steve Thomas family.

Bonnie Hardy, $200, First Farmers Bank & Trust.

Erica Carroll, $225, The Meat Shop.

Rachel Cave, $200, Nelson Lauer family.

Adam Hoch, $125, Michel Century Farm Alpacas.

Wyatt Waters, $100, Eads & Son Bulldozing.

Megan Karst, $150, First Federal Savings Bank.

Brooke Lengerich, $250, Markle Quik Stop.

Nicole Eckert, $225, First Federal Savings Bank.

Lane Whitted, $250, Amor Excavating.

Sarah Malone, $175, Huntington Lions Club.

Kortney Campbell, $250, Edward Jones - Sandra Atkinson.

Audrey Bischoff, $125, Adams Family Farms.

Amara Eckert, $200, Mettler Agency and Troxel Equipment.

Rylie Shipbaugh, $125, Kenny and Debbie Foust.

Adam Stanczak, $125, Greg and Melissa Freck.

Wyatt Landrum, $200, Jim and Diane Carl family.

Josie Beaver, $125, Kline's CPA Group.

Christian Jones, $200, Carl Swine Enterprise.

Alex Kaylor, $125, Mike and Christine Schnitz family.

Garrett Trout, $175, PNC Bank.

Kendyl Coles, $175, Bob and Marilyn Dennis.

Hannah Stoffel, $125, Brewer Farms.

Alivia Cady, $150, Terry and Sherry Knight.

Katherine Stephan, $275, Silver Creek Farms.

Jessie Earhart, $275, Amor Excavating.

Zachary Shearer, $625, Huntington Metro Kiwanis, Z Animal Crossing, Bob and Leslie Zahm, Travis and Linzy Lahr and VFP Fire Systems.

Austin L. Eltzroth, $300, Larry Bechtold family.

Justin Schoeff, $125, TW Excavating.

Danita Clark, $100, Lines Unlimited.

Darin Thomas, $300, Halderman Farm Management.

Lily Clanin, $225, Crossroads Pantry - Markle.

Elaina Teusch, $225, Erie Haven Co.

Kylee Jojola, $125, Carolyn Bitzer.

Dillon Trout, $175, Mike Kreiger family.

Emily Crist, $275, Delaney Hartburg Roth & Garrott LLP and Mettler Agency.

Zachary Bischoff, $125, Adams Family Farms.

Drew Schnitz, $300, Brent and Darlene Stanley - Johnson Junction.

Ian Broderick, $175, Huntington County Fire Chiefs Association.

Stephanie Atkinson, $225, Rooney Farms.

Zachary Tolen, $200, Elite Ag Solutions Division of Daugherty Co.

Joe Alleman, $125, Mike and Brenda DeWitt.

Jonathan Richardson, $325, Beacon Credit Union.

Larissa Johnson, $325, Warpup Farms.

Jeremiah Doctor, $275, Builders Mart of Huntington.

Kyndell Hacker, $250, Homer and Marj Hiner.

Jason Doctor, $225, Louis Dreyfus Commodities.

Emma Melcher, $325, Bippus State Bank.

Ashton Hosler, $150, Jim Scheiber - Edward Jones Investment.

Tate Russell, $200, Affordable Painting & Hambrock Electric.

Barek Glasgow, $175, Edward Jones - Nicole Johnson.

Kristen Dyson, $350, Council Bluff Farm.

Megan Stephan, $275, North Central Co-Op.

Kendra Wright, $300, Phil Gauntt Real Estate & Auctioneering.

Morgan McNally, $150, Tom and Pat Sieberns family.

Benjamin Stoffel, $125, Delaney Hartburg Roth & Garrott LLP.

Brandt Cady, $125, Insurance Services.

Julie Winters, $275, Star Insurance - Kennedy Office.

Blake Padgett, $150, Brad and Katie Blair.

Ashley Crago, $125, Grady and Janelle Stout.

Rylie Farr, $175, Loren and Dianna Folk.

Gracie Scher, $300, Eugene Scher family.

Kayla Jojola, $125, Carolyn Bitzer.

Beldon Glasgow, $175, Star Insurance - Kennedy Office.

Michael Winters, $200, Bippus State Bank.

Ethan Parker, $200, Century 21 Bradley - Chris Parker and Bloomin' Boutique - Ossian.

James Wright, $125, Scott and Peggy Broderick.

Leah Padgett, $125, Roger J. Horrell family.

Samson Slagel, $150, Mike Josann and Erikk Schoeff family.

Savannah DeaKyne, $225, iAB financial bank.

Jaxon Crawford, $125, W&W Locker Custom Butchering.

Chandler Beaty, $150, iAB financial bank.

Madison Jones, $100, Bowers Jewelry.

Ethan Farr, $125, TNT Flying Feathers.

Robyn Karst, $300, Holzinger Seed Service Inc.

Gabrielle Malone, $200, First Federal Savings Bank.

Thomas Horn, $175, Justin and Laura Hosler Farms.

Tyler Stephan, $200, Kreider Fencing.

Gabrielle Line, $225, TD Wall Inc. Exiss & Sooner Livestock Trailers.

Colin Betterly, $250, Stephan DRP Inc.

Julie Crist, $225, First Federal Savings Bank.

Caleb Stoffel, $125, JKL Bookkeeping Services.

Emily Harrell, $150, Ryan Warner family.

Abbigail Crago, $125, Greg and Melissa Freck.

Lane Schoeff, $110, Allstar Auctions LLC and Dan Tomasek family.

Matteson Padgett, $150, First Federal Savings Bank.

Keegan Bartrom, $275, Novae Corporation.

Kirsten Roller, $125, Todd and Jennifer Little family.

Cameron Kreider, $125, Tom and Pat Sieberns family.

Elizabeth Scheiber, $225, Kreider Maintenance Service.

Sierra Tolen, $175, Kevin Deakyne.

Jowaun Scher, $125, First Federal Savings Bank.

Eli Little, $125, TW Excavating.

Alexandra Underwood, $125, Roanoke Kiwanis.

Kennidy Lauer, $200, North Central Co-Op.

Brianna Mason, $225, First Federal Savings Bank.

Marissa Stephan, $125, Dr. Jennifer Goff.

Sawyer Stolz, $200, First Federal Savings Bank.

Mackenzie Hacker, $175, Homer and Marj Hiner.
Jared Johnson, $200, Gary and Sharon Sutton.

Brayden Stanley, $275, Marilyn Hayes.

Jacob Stephan, $275, Silver Creek Farms.

Lindsey Foster, $275, Five Star Distributing Inc.

Freeman Lacroix III, $125, Rick and Tiffany Saunders.
Rylee Williams, $225, Morrison Farms.

Carley McElhaney, $225, Bippus State Bank - Board of Directors.

Ross Wilcoxson, $150, Andy Eckert family.

Ethan Crago, $125, Stephan & Son.

Josilynn Platt, $125, Meyer Building LLC.

Adam Smith, $175, The Meat Shop.

Tianna Myers, $225, Zahm Trailer Sales Inc.

Cory Little, $300, Pefley Farm Equipment.

Josie Eckert, $225, Brad and Leigh Anne Couch family.

Andrew Broderick, $300, Rex and Debbie Johnson.

Crosley Stanley, $250, Marilyn Hayes.

Malijah Foust, $200, Kenny and Debbie Foust.

Conner Lauer, $300, Nelson Lauer family.

Trey Cripe, $300, Randall Cripe Trucking.

Matthew Shafer, $325, Tony Johnson.

Jaime Black, $125, Machelle and John Suchcicki family.

Ashton Eppard, $300, Louis Dreyfus Commodities and Ron Eppard family - Becks Hybrids.

Sebastian Eckert, $400, Steve and Peggy Platt and Ty and Brenda Platt.

Breanna Glasgow, $200, Jason Worster family.

Austin Stucky, $200, DeWeese Soft Water & Appliance.

Cale Burnau, $175, Hair Shack.

Doyle King, $200, Parkview Huntington Hospital.

Matthew Kline, $200, Kline Farms Inc.

Michael Kline, $200, KFS Enterprises.
Benjamin Huffman, $125, The Meat Shop.

Colt Myers, $250, Rex and Susan Miller.

Nicholas Stucky, $200, Kevin Deakyne.

Lucas Johnson, $325, P.J.'s Paesan's Pizza and Philip and Bertha Bitzer.

Hailee Wilcoxson, $175, Dr. Eckert & Dr. Hart - Downtown Dental.

Esabella Slagel, $150, Chris Campbell family.

Griffin Brundige, $225, Steve and Peggy Platt.

Mickalea Bowman, $125, Insurance Services.

Taylor Clark, $150, Roger and Debbie Dyson family.

Cameron Foust, $200, Mike Fisher and Kenny and Debbie Foust.

Noah Kitt, $150, Mike and Christine Schnitz family.

Brandon Eckert, $200, Bowman's Towing & Recovery - Ryan Kingrey.

Jodie Scher, $300, Steve Thomas family.

Marissa Scharich, $125, Randy and Dawn Jones.

Preston Teusch, $200, United REMC.

Tyler Campbell $150, H&H Farms.

Mackenzie Whitman, $200, Roanoke Volunteer Fire Department members.

Kelsea Poe, $125, Jim and Pat Brown.

Sarrah Kerlin, $225, Stephan DRP Inc.

Grant Padgett, $175, Zeller Construction.

Brent Kreiger, $175, Mitch and Julie Trout family.

Victoria Huffman, $125, Walmart.

Damon Kaylor, $125, First Federal Savings Bank.

Ethan Stafford, $125, Worster Farm Inc.

Angus Jones, $175, DeWeese Soft Water & Appliance and John Vickrey family.

Kennady Chapin, $125, Loren and Dianna Folk.

Madison Ottinger, $175, Holzinger Seed Service Inc.

Arizona Sunday, $225, Salamonie Mills.

Abby Blocker, $400, Dean Beaver.

Trista King, $125, Ray and Jody Stanley.

Evan Wilcoxson, $125, Ellet Construction.

Isaac Hill, $400, Stephan DRP Inc.

Austin Updike, $225, North Central Co-Op.

Benjamin Bentz, $400, Micropulse Inc.

Nathan Doctor, $175, Salamonie Mills.

Keaton Waters, $125, TNT Flying Feathers.

Madison Foust, $200, Kenny and Debbie Foust.

Kelsey Bauer, $350, Schrader Real Estate - Zach Hiner and Hiner Farms.

Chandler Updike, $250, Beacon Credit Union.

Scott Foust, First Federal Savings Bank.

Amanda Tolen, $225, Scher Delight Farms.

Alexandra Stanley, $300, Marilyn Hayes.

Rylie Bowman, $275, Tom Fulton family.

Chelsea Clark, $150, W&W Locker Custom Butchering.

Emma Landrum, $225, PNC Bank.

Brock Eltzroth, $250, Star Insurance - Kennedy Office.

Skylar Houser, $350, TD Wall Inc. Exiss & Sooner Livestock Trailers and Erie Haven Co.

Madison Wajer, $125, Montpelier Ag LLC.

Cordell Lewis, $175, 1st Source Bank.

Austin Taylor. $150, United REMC.

Cole Little, $275, Jim Scheiber - Edward Jones Investment.

Rabbits brought in a total of $34,370 with 112 animals sold, an average price of $306.88 per animal.

Results of the 2013 4-H rabbit auction include the 4-H members name, premium price and the buyer.

Individual sales were:

Merisa Walter, $1,270, Jerry and Lois Walter, D&L Swine Genetics, Dennis and Diane Lance, Gary and Rosalie Walter, Leon and Tami Hurlburt, Salamonie Mills, iAB Financial Bank, Scott and Julie Hoffman family, Triple T Swine Enterprises, Walmart, Timberwolf Construction, Kevin and Cyndy Patrick and Martha Plummer.

Justin Hladik, $500, Green Velvet Turf Farms.

Peyton Bishir, $200, Bolinger Propane.

Collin Landrum, $275, Agri Gold Hybrids.

Evan Hill, $200, Meyer Building LLC.

Emma Bradford, $200, Troxel Equipment.

Jessie Earhart, $300, Theobald Farms and Jay Theobald.

Leah Padgett, $100, Ness Bros. Real Estate & Auction Co.

Jacen Johnson, $125, Bob and Beth Thompson.

Bailey Irick, $500, Tony Johnson and iAB financial bank.

Brandon Eckert, $200, Parkview Huntington Hospital.

Lauren Trickle, $225, Salamonie Mills.

Amara Eckert, $150, Bippus State Bank.

Chelsea Clark, $150, Rock Creek Irrigation.

Alexandria Christman, $300, E&B Paving and IMI.

Nicole Eckert, $225, Sunshine Dairy LLC.

Matteson Padgett, $125, Meyer Building LLC.

Nicholas Johnson, $175, Blake and Peggy Caley.

Christopher Barrett, $125, Gary and Niki Will.

Taylor Clark, $150, Walmart.

Katherine Stephan, $300, Pefley Farm Equipment.

Taylor Martz, $200, Salamonie Mills.

Brenna Mason, $175, Jean Updike.

Benjamin Shriner, $150, Uniforms & More.

Madison Landrum, $200, Steve and Peggy Platt.

Benjamin Warpup, $500, First Farmers Bank & Trust and Salamonie Mills.

Savanna Stoltz, $150, Kyle and Kelly Kuehnert and Art and Nancy Kuehnert.

Sam White, $250, Robert and Dr. Michelle Miller.

Adam Bonner, $200, Bowers Brewer Garrett Wiley LLP and Joe and Debbie Wiley family.

Brianna Mason, $200, Parkview Huntington Hospital.

Victoria Keiffer, $550, iAB Financial Bank and The Andersons.

Kyle Platt, $450, Bippus State Bank and Central States Grain - Montpelier.

Joe Alleman, $150, Kenny and Cheri Eckert.

Garrett Trout, $125, Perry and Tamara Spahr family.

Kennady Chapin, $500, Elite Ag Solutions Division of Daugherty Co.

Rylie Shipbaugh, $125, K.S. Photography.

Dane Eherenman, $150, Haller & Colvin.

Trey Wuensch, $400, TW Excavating.

Madelynn Keiffer, $475, Pefley Farm Equipment.

Briley Scher, $300, Bippus State Bank.

Konnor Platt, $425, iAB Financial Bank and Marshall Grain Transport.

Elizabeth Scheiber, $150, Stephan DRP, Inc.

Grace Bradford, $225, A&R Keiffer Inc.

Freeman Lacroix III, $225, Bippus State Bank.

Bryce Cotton, $350, Amor Excavating.

Rachel Jackson, $200, Terry and Natalie Keiffer family.

Josie Eckert, $275, Kenny and Cheri Eckert.

Kiara Dominguez, $175, Jim and Barb Mills.

Alexis Weaver, $250, North Central Co-Op.

Lily Clanin, $250, B&M Engraving/Gifts.

Conner Mason, $300, Street Appraisal.

Mackenzie Lacroix, $200, Meyer Building LLC.

Evan Martz, $300, Tony Johnson.

Jacob Allred, $125, Kevin and Tiffany Lewis.

Colin Suchcicki, $150, Greg and Kathy Stucky family and Mark and Shayna Stucky.

Tianna Myers, $200, Paul and Kate Zahm.

Collin Langston, $3,000, Bauer Excavating, Jamie Buckland, Pearson's Body Shop, Dan Burris family, Langtree Rabbitry, Jeffrey Scher, Austin Robison, Pioneer/Burnau Seeds, Jason Worster family, Matt and Jane Trickle family, Bippus State Bank, Huntington County Fire Chiefs Association, TD Wall Inc. - Exiss & Sooner Livestock Trailers, E&B Paving and IMI, Michael and Amy Langston family, Luke and Cortney Miller family, Stephan Trucking, Scott and Sandy Atkinson family, Johnson Petroleum Inc., Steve and Michelle Lahr, Bob and Marilyn Dennis, Bauer Excavating, H&H Farms, Rupley Farm Equipment, Robert and Dr. Michelle Miller, Seth Doctor and Pefley Farm Equipment, Clear Creek Golf Course and Robin Bauer.

Abimael Dominguez, $225, Meyer Building LLC.

Garrett Scher, $300, Joan Scher and Joann White.

Dakota Plasterer, $200, Terry and Natalie Keiffer family.

Dakota Sunday, $425, Helena Chemical - Markle.

Madison Houser, $350, TD Wall Inc. - Exiss & Sooner Livestock Trailers and Erie Haven Co.

Brady Johnson, $200, Don and Marsha Poulson family.

Kayla Patrick, $800, PNC Bank, Todd and Jill Landrum family, Rich and Jill Landrum, Leon and Tami Hurlburt, Grandma and Grandpa Hoch, Grandma and Grandpa Patrick, Great Grandma Hoffman, Ad Design, Scott and Julie Hoffman family, Matt Walter, Rich and Rhonda Hoffman, D&L Swine Genetics and Cory and Carrie Boxell family.

Jeremiah Johnson, $125, Montpelier Ag LLC.

Grace Fairchild, $150, Greg and Melissa Freck.

Ben Johnson, $300, Novae Corporation.

Elaina Teusch, $125, Bippus State Bank.

Katelynn Bruce, $200, County Line Collision.

Jessica Hernandez, $125, Scott and Tsa Trauner.

A.J. Hoover, $1,875, Friends of A.J. Hoover, Star Insurance - Kennedy Office, Lime City Title Services LLC, First Federal Savings Bank, C&C Auto Body & Paint, Pearson's Welding & Fabrication, TLC Farms Inc. iAB Financial Bank, Beacon Credit Union, TD Wall Inc. - Exiss & Sooner Livestock Trailers, Roanoke Volunteer Fire Department members and Clear Creek Golf Course.

Mary Winans, $150, Stephan & Son.

Colt Myers, $250, Zahm Trailer Sales Inc.

Lucas Johnson, $325, Beacon Credit Union.

Kyra Kiel, $200, John and Linda Allen.

Wade Kingrey, $400, Bowman's Towing & Recovery - Ryan Kingrey, Pearson's Body Shop and Transwheel Corp.

Henry Easley, $150, Hammel's Accounting Service.

Clayton Johnson, $125, Chris Hiner family.

Dillon Trout, $150, Wehr Electric - Colter and Cynthia Wehr.

Zach Ramp, $200, Roger J. Horrell family.

Taylor Scher, $200, Paul Jacobs family, Mike and
Kathleen Jacobs and Mary Jacobs.

Tyler Campbell, $250, TLC Farms Inc. and A&B Boring.

Grant Padgett, $125, Meyer Building LLC.

Justin Schoeff, $200, E&B Paving and IMI.

Ethan Stafford, $100, Tim and Tara Bischoff family.

Lane Wright, $125, McMillian Family Farm and Hunter Nutrition.

Rhitt Langston, $600, Erie Haven Co. and Miller's Merry Manor.

Lindsey Foster, $275, Tom and Pat Sieberns family.

Daniel Shivley, $200, Loren and Dianna Folk.

Andrea Shriner, $175, Uniforms & More.

Jonathan Rentschler, $150, Bippus State Bank.

Sawyer Stoltz, $125, Kevin and Tiffany Lewis.

Hannah Warpup, $425, Troxel Equipment and iAB financial bank.

Noah Kitt, $125, Michelle Armor Equine Dental Service.

Cora Hill, $150, Marty and Vicki Siberns.

Elijah Allred, $225, Sunshine Dairy LLC.

Karmen Koch, $400, Stephan DRP Inc.

Gatlin Sunday, $150, Tom and Pat Sieberns family.

Brendon Ramp, $200, Jim Scheiber - Edward Jones Investment.

Luke Christman, $150, E&B Paving and IMI.

Hailey Alford, $250, Roger Irick family.

Conor White, $225, Parkview Huntington Hospital.

Dylan Wynkoop, $150, Meyer Building LLC.

Travis Wuensch, $350, TW Excavating.

Preston Teusch, $150, PNC Bank.

Skylar Houser, $350, Amor Excavating.

Drew Schnitz, $300, Steve and Karla Stoltz family.

Marianne Christman, $200, E&B Paving and IMI.

Arizona Sunday, $225, Amor Excavating.

Hunter Strass, $225, Novae Corporation.

Cassidy Johnson, $175, Dr. Eckert and Dr. Hart - Downtown Dental.

Tanner Shipley, $300, Jim and Diane Carl family.

A lot of 40 sheep were sold in auction for a total of $17,900, pumping up the average price to $447.50.

Results of the 2013 4-H beef auction include the 4-H members name, premium price and the buyer.

Individual sales were:

Lane Burnau, $4,300, friends of Lane Burnau.

Ty Miller, $200, Chris and Carly Brubaker family.

Hannah Peters, $900, Friends of Hannah Peters, Pat and
Sara Karst, Arnold Showpigs, Scott and Cathalene Smith, Tom Fulton family, Deer Creek Farms, Dennis and Janell Brubaker family, TD Wall Inc. Exiss & Sooner Livestock Trailers, TLC Farms Inc. Megan Karst and Ryan Warner family.

Haley Burnau, $ 1,300. Lines Unlimited, Pioneer/Burnau Seeds, Hair Shack, Mettler Agency, Bippus State Bank, North Central Co-Op and Rupley Farm Equipment.

Cole Little, $425, Helena Chemical - Markle.

Emma Garriott, $225, Ron and Ben Bailey.

Trevor Brewer, $300, Helena Chemical - Markle.

Kristen Dyson, $375, Stephan DRP Inc.

Valerie Huffman, $125, United REMC.

Leslie Yarde, $200, James Sprowl family.

Brody Norwood, $425, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance - Adam Stroup.

Sierra Tolen, $175, Richard and Janice Brubaker.

Benjamin Huffman, $150, Wall's Rambouillets.

Elizabeth Freck, $350, Terry and Natalie Keiffer family.

Gregory Goff, $250, Bippus State Bank.

Victoria Huffman, $175, J&S Pure Maple Syrup.

Jami Norwood, $425, Andy Rice Farms.

Emily Harrell, $300, Coolman's Computer Service.

Josie Beaver, $225, Stephan DRP Inc.

Austin Stucky, $275, Salamonie Mills.

Katelyn Arnold, $275, Pefley Farm Equipment.

Zachary Tolen, $200, Richard and Janice Brubaker.

Dakota Plasterer, $225, Terry and Natalie Keiffer family.

Robyn Karst, $225, Damian and Lori Mason.

Bergon Conwell, $325, Crop Production Services and Central States Grain - Montpelier.

Chad Lytle, $325, Meyer Building LLC.

Alisha Ford, $550, Helena Chemical - Markle.

Robert Sliger III, $300, Montpelier Ag LLC.

Matthew McMillan, $275, Crop Production Services.

Sabra Jackson, $400, First Farmers Bank & Trust.

Adam Hoch, $175, United REMC.

Benjamin Blinn, $300, Salamonie Mills.

Nicholas Stucky, $200, Just Kant Rest Farms Inc.

Jalyn Campbell, $250, Salamonie Mills.

Maggie Threet, $225, Ron and Ben Bailey.

Angel Thurman, $125, Mary Jacobs, Paul Jacobs family and Mike and Kathleen Jacobs.

Mickensey Parker, $450, Troxel Equipment.
Jacob Wood, $250, Andy and Amy Ellet family and Jon and Sue Ellet family.

Alyssa Davis, $300, Landrum Family Farms.

Mason Miller, $525, Dennis Grain & Fertilizer Co.

The swine auction generated the auction's highest sales, with 184 animals going for $69,300.

Results of the 2013 4-H swine auction include the 4-H members name, premium price and the buyer.

Individual sales were:

Dalaney Vickrey, $4,525, Helena Chemical - Markle, Kevin and Linda Park family, Travis Sills family, TD Wall Inc. Exiss & Sooner Livestock Trailers, Troxel Equipment, iAB Financial Bank, Sam, Autumn and Maci Scher, L.A. Jones Farms - Lucas and Anna Jones, Travis Platt, Bill Preston, John Vickrey family, Shepherd's Chevrolet, Thomas Trout Show Pigs, Triple T Swine Enterprises, Chris and Carly Brubaker family, Wade and Gina Tyner, Jackson & Johnson Show Pigs, Dennis and Janell Brubaker family, Arnold Showpigs, Jamie Buckland, Robert Berghoff DDS, Heritage Pointe, H&H Farms, TLC Farms Inc., Pat Favcon, Bluffton Animal Clinic, Tom Fulton family, D&L Swine Genetics, Back Door Concessions and Any Rice Farms.

Thomas Trout, $900, Tri Green Tractor.

Kendra Arnold, $300, Gerald and Ann Arnold.

Katelyn Arnold, $300, Gerald and Ann Arnold.

Owen Vickrey, $400, Day Never Done Farms.

Jonathan Richardson, $350, North Central Co-Op.

Brooke Lengerich, $200, United REMC.

Kendra Wright, $375, E&B Paving and IMI.

Ross Wilcoxson, $150, Kyle and Lisa Lund Farms.

Alexandra Stanley, $275, Eldon Reust.

Allyson Trout, $400, Huntington University and Roger and Joyce Trout.

Emma Landrum, $300, North Central Co-op.

Ashley Wesco, $175, Crop Production Services.

Andrew Smith, $325, Salamonie Mills.

Brendon Ramp, $250, Roger Wiley - Insurance Services.

Kolton Helmke, $175, John Klingenberger and Cathy Copper.

Collin Wesco, $225, PNC Bank.

Mason Miller, $400, Schmalzried Builders, Parker & Son Equipment and Erie Haven Co.

Hailee Wilcoxson, $200, Susanne Easterday.

Abby Blocker, $275, Bippus State Bank.

Kendal Kline, $250, Marty and Vicki Sieberns.

Kathleen Jacobs, $275, Haynes Dairy Farm, Becks Hybrids, Crop Insurance Specialists, Mike and Kathleen Jacobs and Mary Jacobs.

Timothy Jacobs, $250, Crop Insurance Specialists, Haynes Dairy Farm and Becks Hybrids.

Allie Bennett, $150, Phil Gauntt Real Estate & Auctioneering.

Henry Easley, $175, Law's Plumbing Inc.

Erin Burke, $150, Terry Larson Insurance.

Madeline Rubrake, $300, Hair Shack.

Gatlin Sunday, $300, Loren and Dianna Folk.

Chad Lytle, $250, Warpup Farms.

Tiffany Burke, $175, Joel Buzzard.

Conner West, $350, Wall family.

Matthew McMillan, $225, iAB financial bank and Central States Grain - Montpelier.

Jaxon Crawford, $175, John and Karen Blinn.

Alexis Weaver, $300, Crain Ford and Ruble Farms.

Kaytlin Wiley, $225, Roger Wiley - Insurance Services.

Lane Wright, $200, Orthman Manufacturing - Adam Souder.

Cory Little, $300, Richard and Betty Little - Breezy Hill Farms.

Kyra Kiel, $450, John and Linda Allen and Kiel & Sons LLC.

Austin Updike, $300, Landrum Family Farms.

Stephanie Atkinson, $300, Andy Rice Farms.

Jadyn Bennett, $250, Rod Clamme - Ag Best and Will and Kristi Banter - Specialty Hybrids.

Jacob Wood, $325, Builders Mart of Huntington.

Garret Smith, $225, Dale and Norma Smith.

Brady Johnson, $250, Dennis and Janell Brubaker family and Lola Moore.

Tori Johnson, $1,025, Ralph and Barbara Johnson.

Lily Clanin, $275, Warpup Farms.

Evan Wilcoxson, $150, Taylor family.

Cameron Dewitt, $225, Brad and Kathy Blinn family.
Ian Broder