First competition of Huntington County 4-H Fair goes to the dogs

Four-H’ers put their dogs through their paces in the first competition of the 2017 Huntington County 4-H Fair.

The Huntington County 4-H Dog Show was held Saturday, July 8, at the Huntington County Fairgrounds.

Three Top Dog winners were selected on the basis of written tests, and other competitions showed off the dogs’ ability to follow commands and navigate obstacle courses.

Top dog winners were Dani Clark, advanced; Landon Zezula, intermediate; and Nathaniel Alwine, beginner.

Complete results of the other competitions are:


Veterans — Savannah Brown, champion; Danita Clark, reserve champion; Kirsten Walker, Trista King and Sarah Landers.

Class 2A — Madison Worster, champion; Sarah Landers, reserve champion; and Grace LaMar.

Class 2B — Rebecca Landers, champion; Keely Anderson, reserve champion; Lucas Thomas and Rachel Landers.

Class 1A — Carter Zezula, champion; Elise Neher, reserve champion; Hannah Grove, Michael Kline, Lillian Brumbaugh and Dalton Husband.

Class 1B — Landon Zezula, champion; Kylee Nevius, reserve champion; Gracie Grossman, Kirah Klepper, Nathaniel Alwine and Traevor Myers.


Excellent A — Savannah Brown, champion.

Advanced A — Trista King, champion; and Stephanie Dryer.

Advanced B — Rachael Landers, champion.

Novice A — Elise Neher, champion; Carter Zezula, reserve champion; Michael Kline, Traevor Myers, Dalton Husband, Kylee Nevius and Hannah Grove.

Novice B — Kirsten Walker, champion; Nathaniel Alwine, reserve champion; Landon Zezula, Gracie Grossman, Keely Anderson, Madison Wor-ster and Kirah Klepper.


Senior (grades 9-12) — Rebecca Landers, champion; Sarah Landers, reserve; Keely Anderson, Madison Worster and Danieta Clark.

Intermediate (grades 6-8) — Kirsten Walker, champion; Grace LaMar, reserve champion; Gracie Grossman and Lucas Thomas.

Junior (grades 3-5) — Kylee Nevius, champion; Dalton Husband, reserve champion.

Excellent A — Savannah Brown, champion.

Excellent B — Danita Clark, champion; Kirsten Walker, reserve champion.

Intermediate A — Sarah Landers, champion.

Intermediate B — Keely Anderson, champion.

Beginner A — Kylee Nevius, champion; Kirah Klepper, reserve champion; Madison Worster, Nathaniel Alwine and Gracie Grossman.

Beginner B — Rebecca Landers, champion.

Kylee Nevius, first; Nathaniel Alwine, second.