Many winners impress judges with various 4-H foods projects

The results of the 4-H foods projects judging have been announced.

They are:

Grade 3: Baked Cookies

Blue ribbons: Addison Strine, champion; Laurel Bradford, reserve champion; Keira Boothman, Hailey Pursifull and Jake Stevens, all with merit; Addisyn Clift, Dalton Husband, John Paul Landrigan, Emily Perdue and Eli Ramp.

Red ribbons: Mackenzie Brown, Anna Clampitt, Lillian Craig, Hudson Follis, Hattie Landrum and Lily Rubrake.

Grade 4: Baked

Blue ribbons: Claire Eckert, champion; Owen Follis, reserve champion; Annika Carpenter and Alexis Leidig, both with merit; Kayla Brown, Nicole Cave, Jersey Hacker, Brenna Leidig and Kayda Newman.

Red ribbons: Jalee Bowers and Anna Elliott.

Grade 5: Baked Cake

Blue ribbons: Phoebe Landrum, champion; Ol-ivia Craig, reserve champion; Samantha Atkinson and Madison Poulson, all with merit; Blake Anson, Jay Clampitt, Jackson Hughes, Eva Marley, Tucker McClure, Shaylyn Suchcicki, Brooke Wall and Eliza Wohlford.

Red ribbons: Gracie Fields, Madison Houser, Kelsey Stout, Azora Watkins and Carter Zezula.

Grade 6: Baked
No-Yeast Pretzel
or Biscuit

Blue ribbons: Mara Hendryx, champion; Em-ma Hosier, reserve champion; Ian Crider and Zachary Rice.

Red ribbons: Bailey Baumgardner, Anikah Eckert, Kinsey Strine and Landon Zezula.

Grades 7-9
Baked Yeast Breadsticks or Rolls

Blue ribbons: Ashley Higgins, champion; Morgan Stout, reserve champion; Jenna Poulson and Madeline Rubrake, both with merit; Emma Bradford, Grace Bradford, Ashton Hosler, Sarrah Kerlin and Zachary Ramp.

Red ribbon: Gavin Covey.

Baked Yeast Bread

Blue ribbons: Lily Clanin, champion; Tyler Melcher, reserve champion; Benjamin Covey, Anna Eckert and Marideth Higgins, all with merit.

Invented Health Snack

Blue ribbons: Brenna Mason, champion; Rachel Landers, reserve champion; Barrett Barscz, with merit; and Karissa Marley.

Grades 10-12
Fruit Pie

Blue ribbons: Katelynn Olinger, champion; Max-well Hughes, Karmen Koch and Kyle Winterrowd, with merit; Rachel Cave, Cora Hill, Emma Melcher, Kalee Platt, Jordan Poulson Crosley Stanley and Camille Tester.

Red ribbons: Nathan Buehler, Evan Meyer and Jacob Scalf.

Baked Low Fat/
Reduced Sugar Product

Red ribbon: Stormee Putt.

Baked Special
Dietary Product

Blue ribbons: Josie Barscz, champion; Connor Mason, reserve champion; Kirsten Roller, with merit; Kaitlin Aughinbaugh and Roxanne Bentley.
Grades 3-4

Blue ribbons: Anna Clampitt and Kayda Newman, both champions.

Grades 5-6
Blue ribbons: Kristian Kline and Abagayle Wright, both champions; Gracie Fields and Katelynn McMillan, both reserve champions; Jackson Hug-hes, Aiden Lindsey, Shaylyn Suchcicki, all with merit; Jay Clampitt, Mara Hendryx and Eva Marley.

Grades 7-9
Blue ribbons: Lily Clanin, Karissa Marley and Chase Mickley, champions; Keaton Kline and Jenna Poulson, reserve champions; Hannah Bodrie, with merit; Gavin Covey and Merisa Walter.
Red ribbon: Barrett Barscz.

Grades 10-12
Blue ribbons: Kaitlin Aughinbaugh and Maxwell Hughes, champions; Evan Meyer, reserve champion.
Grade 3
Blue ribbon: Emily Perdue, with merit.

Grade 4
Blue ribbon: Clair Eckert, champion.

Grade 5
Blue ribbons: Eliza Wohlford, champion; Jackson Hughes, reserve champion; Carter Zezula, with merit; Samantha Atkinson and Kristian Kline.

Red ribbons: Blake Anson and Emma Eller.

White ribbons: Eva Marley and Sophia Shockney.

Grade 6
Blue ribbon: Mara Hendryx, champion.

Red ribbon: Landon Zezula.

Grades 7-9
Freezer Jam

Blue ribbon: Benjamin Covey, champion.

Red ribbons: Audrey Bischoff and Rylie Farr.

Canned Tomato Product

Blue ribbons: MacKenzie LaCroix, champion, Brenna Mason, reserve champion; Gaven Covey, with merit; and Keaton Kline.

Red ribbons: Taryn Jojola and Katie Melcher.

Canned Pickle

Blue ribbons: Stephanie Atkinson, champion and Karissa Marley, reserve champion.

Grades 10-12
Pressure Canned

Blue ribbons: Camille Tester, champion; and Maxwell Hughes.

Frozen Entrée
Blue ribbon: Kaitlin Aughinbaugh, champion.

Cooked Jam or
Reduced Sugar
Fruit Spread

Blue ribbons: Logan Nightingale, champion; Cora Hill, reserve champion; and Conner Mason.