Four come up smelling like roses with their floriculture projects

The results of the 4-H floriculture projects judging have been announced.

They are:

Grades 3-4
Blue ribbons: Hannah Haupert, champion; Hattie Landrum, reserve champion; and Jalee Bowers.

Grades 5-6
Blue ribbons: Phoebe Landrum, champion, and Brooke Hall, reserve champion, mixed planter; Chloe White, champion, house plant; Keller Whicker, champion, pos-ter; Emma Hosier and Kinsey Strine.

Grades 7-9
Blue ribbons: Rylie Farr, champion, terrarium; Brianna Shane, champion, dried arrangement; Lauren Trickle, champion, flower arrangement; Wilson Wh-icker, champion, poster; Katie Melcher, Justin Hladik, Taryn Jojola and MacKenzie LaCroix.

Red ribbon: Audrey Rice.

Grades 10-12
Blue ribbons: Jasmine McGaughey, champion, and Timothy Jacobs, reserve champion, seasonal arrangement; Madison Wohlford, champion, and Kelsea Poe, reserve champion, bridal bouquet; Colt Myers, champion, centerpiece; Kylee Jojola and Montana Phillips.

Red ribbons: Stephanie Dryer and Rylie Shipbaugh.