Open class adults exhibits earn time in front of judges

The results of the 4-H open class adult exhibits have been announced.

They are:

Basic Crafts

Blue ribbons: Tiffany Saunders, best of show; Pam Fausz, Lori Mickely, Barbara Mills, Kathleen Rokoczy and Kathy Zeissig, all with honors; Janelle Brubaker, Sandra Fryer, Eve Millington and Richard Shenefield.

Black and White

Blue ribbons: Ed Beckner, best of show; Kendra Flemming and Jeanne Hastings, all with honors; Janell Brubaker, Cara Conwell, Sheila Hines, April Reed, Tina Reed, and Rick Saunders.

Red ribbon: Kathy Zeissig.


Blue ribbon: Treva Fleming.


Blue ribbon: Melissa Clore, best of show, with honors.

Color Photography

Blue ribbons: Rick Saunders, best of show; Ed Beckner, Janell Brubaker, Cara Conwell and Sheila Hines, all with honors; Amy Ambrose, Tara Bowman, Kendra Fleming, Karen Fulton, Jeanne Hastings, Ed Holmes, Eve Millington, Tina Reed, Carla Rice, Donna Waters and Kathy Zeissig.

Red ribbons: Lacey DeHaven, John Flemming, April Reed and Earlynn worster.


Blue ribbons: Janice Smith, best of show; Lori Campos, Melissa Clore and Tiffany Saunders, all with honors; Tara Bowman, Kendra Flemming, Treva Flemming, Lori Mickley and Alice Roth.

Counted Cross-stitch

Blue ribbons: Beth Blocker, best of show; Lisa Harbuck and Martha Stephan, all with honors.

Crocheted Items

Blue ribbons: Ginger Karns, best of show, with honors; Carilyn Dearduff, April Reed and Carla Rice.


Blue ribbon: Tina Reed.

Red ribbon: Jeanne Hastings.

Fine Arts

Blue ribbons, Karen Fulton, best of show, with honors; Treva Flemming, John Flemming and James Pinkerton.

Flower Arrangements

Blue ribbons: Janell Brubaker, best of show, and Tiffany Saunders, both with honors; Karen Fulton and Kathy Zeissig.

Fruit Pies

Blue ribbons: Rita McCabe, best of show, and Treva Flemming, both with honors.


Blue ribbon: Rita McCabe.

Knitted Items

Blue ribbon: Pharaba Campbell.


Blue ribbon: Carilyn Dearduff, best of show, with honors.

Red ribbon: Serena Shenfield.

Pickled Foods

Blue ribbon: Janell Brubaker.

Red ribbon: Kathy Zeissig.

Processed Jelly, Jam
or Preserves

Blue ribbons: Teresia Beaty and Jean Schowe.

Processed Vegetables, Fruits or Soup

Blue ribbons: Tiffany Saunders and Kathy Zeissig.

Red ribbon: Jan Mathias.

Quick Breads or
Coffee Cake

Blue ribbons: Rita McCabe, best of show, and Tara Bowman, both with honors; and Teresia Beaty.

Quilted Items

Blue ribbons: Pam Fauusz, best of show, and Sheila Hines, both with honors; Ruth Herring, Jan Mathias and Alice Roth.


Blue ribbons: Colleen Pflieger, best of show, Amy Ambrose, Paula Bittner, Pam Fausz, and Jean Schowe, all with honors; Tiffany Saunders, Kendra Fleming, Sheila Hines, Jan Mathias and Arlene Switzer.

Recycled Items

Larry Scheiber, best of show, with honors; Carla Rice and Kathy Zeissig.


Blue ribbons, Amy Ambrose, best of show, and Carla Rice, both with honors; and Janice Smith.


Blue ribbons: Carla Rice, best of show, and Pam Fausz, both with honors; Lori Campos and Deloris Smith.

Wearable Art

Blue ribbons: Kendra Fleming, best of show, with honors; and Kathy Zeissig.


Blue ribbons: Greg Amor, best of show, and Steve Schowe, both with honors.

Yeast Breads

Blue ribbon: Jean Schowe, best of show, with honors.