Salvation Army has familiar red kettles in place

Salvation Army Capt. Barbara McCauley (left) and Stefan Poling (right), chairman of The Salvation Army board of directors, flank bell ringer Teresa Bragg (center) at Owen’s North on Saturday, Nov. 17, the first day the red kettles were placed. Photo by Cindy Klepper.

The Salvation Army's familiar red kettles are out now through Christmas Eve in several locations in Huntington and Roanoke, collecting donations that will help fund the church's community assistance programs at Christmas and throughout the year.

This year's fund-raising goal is $100,000, up from last year's goal of $94,000.

The red kettles are located at Kmart, Walmart, Owen's north and south, Big Lots, JCPenney and Walgreens in Huntington.

The Roanoke Lions Club coordinates the red kettles in Roanoke.

Volunteer bell ringers are needed to staff the ket-

tles in Huntington, Salvation Army Barbara McCauley says. Anyone willing to volunteer is asked to call J.D. Sell, red kettle coordinator, at The Salvation Army, 356-3485.

Bell ringers can volunteer for several hours or for an entire day, she says. Many organizations volunteer to cover an entire day, then assign their members a few hours during that day.

Staffing the kettles with volunteers instead of paid bell ringers keeps more of the contributions available for community programs, McCauley says.

In addition, McCauley says, The Salvation Army is in need of donated toys and food for the Christmas baskets given to families in need.

Toys for Tots, a program which in the past has collected toys used in the Christmas baskets, is not active in Huntington this year, McCauley says.