HCARS to track Santa, talk memories

It has become a Christmas Eve tradition for the Huntington County Amateur Radio Society (HCARS) to do a show where its members discuss Christmas memories and track Santa Claus around the globe.

This year, the club is inviting the public to join in.

"The idea is to make it entertaining for the families that have kids and grandkids with the (ham radios), but we thought it'd be great if we just expanded this and invited other people to listen in," says HCARS Vice President Joe Homier.

HCARS refers to the show, now in its fourth year, as a "Santa Claus Net" and uses www.noradsanta.org to keep tabs on Santa's whereabouts. The club encourages the public to visit the website, which is powered by the NORAD Tracking System, before the show.

"Toward the end, when (Santa) gets in North America, then we start talking about how it's probably a good time to be getting pajamas on and all that," says Homier. "Make sure dad or mom sets out the cookies and milk."

The show will start Dec. 24 at 7:30 p.m., and anyone with a scanner can listen in by tuning to the frequency 146.685 megahertz.