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Christmas Bows for Warren Christmas Tree

An annual sale of Christmas bows for the downtown Christmas Tree at Town Hall is underway in Warren. The tree is being donated by Phil and Taya Decker and the bows are being donated by Blue Poppy Designs, Tamara Spahr.  Except for lights, the bows are the only decoration on the tree. There are three colors of bows available: White for those deceased, red to honor those living, and yellow to honor those who have served or are now serving in the military. Proceeds from the sale are used for Christmas lighting and decorating in the downtown area. The bows are $2 a piece, and the name of the person being honored is written on the bow before placement on the Tree. Bows may be ordered through the mail as well as purchased at Town Hall. This event has taken place for 26 years, and a tree has always been donated. Thanks to those who have donated this year and those who have donated previously, it has become a community tradition.