PAL announces results from week 5

The Huntington County Police Athletic League has announced results from week 5 of play.

Coach's Pitch League
On Tuesday, June 2, Bailey-Love Mortuary beat Fredrick's Photography 11-4

Metro Kiwanis flew past El Shaddai Screen Printing 15-5.
I.M.I. Inc. trumped Zay Leasing 13-4.

On Thursday, June 4, Bailey-Love Funeral Home powered over I.M.I. Inc., 25-8.

Frederick's Photography skated past Zay Leasing 8-2.
F.O.P. 77 fell to El Shaddai Screen Printing 25-6.

As of June 4, Bailey-Love Funeral Home is in first place, with an 8-1 record. Metro Kiwanis is a tick behind, with a record of 7-1. In third place is El Shaddai Screen Printing, with a 6-2 record. Frederick's Photography (3-6) is in fourth, and I.M.I., Inc., (2-5) is in fifth. F.O.P. #77 is in sixth, with a record of 2-6. Finally, Zay Leasing is in seventh, with a 0-7 record.

Little League
On Tuesday, June 2, Only Internet beat Farm Bureau Insurance 12-1.

McElhaney-Hart Funeral Home ran past Huntington County Federal Credit Union 11-1.

Star Insurance lost to F.O.P. 77 12-4.

On Thursday, June 4, HCFCU took control of Farm Bureau Insurance 10-6.

McElhaney-Hart Funeral Home fell to F.O.P. #77 9-7.
Finally, Only Internet dominated Star Insurance 17-7.

As of June 4, F.O.P. #77 and Only Internet are tied with records of 6-3. McElhaney-Hart Funeral Home and HCFCU are tied for third place, with 5-4 records. Star Insurance is in fourth, with a 3-6 record and Farm Bureau Insurance is in fifth with a record of 2-7.