Champion Hill Toppers 2-3-1 at Ohio Cup Festival

Mental and physical impairment seemed to lie over the Huntington Champion Hill Toppers just as the gray clouds covered the fairgrounds where the Ohio Cup Festival was being played by 32 teams of vintage ballists on Saturday, Sept. 1 and Sunday, Sept. 2.

The team's record for two days was 2-3-1. In only one of the contests did the Champion Hill Toppers get a good spanking put on them and one of their wins was over a Pennsylvania club that thought mighty well of themselves until the Toppers' defense showed them how the game was really played in a close victory.

But the fact has to be faced that the lumber they had carried so well through most of the year just was not there during the weekend. The Toppers tied the St. Louis Perfectos four to four, then won against the Frosty Sons of Thunder three to two, then lost to the Columbus Capitols fourteen to six. The next day saw the locals win eight to seven against the host Ohio Village Muffins, then lose eight to five against the Columbus Buckeyes and lose finally to the Canal Fulton Mule by a two to zero count.

Defense was very good for the most part. In the last match against the Mules, Jay "Toots" Redner made an outstanding grab of a hard hit ball over his shoulder while running from the infield. In another inning, a line drive strike by a Mule shot up the middle only to be knocked down by Sawdust Hippensteel and picked up on the bound by a charging Kyle "Splinter" Redner for the out.

Unfortunately, the bats had little pop and too many pop ups for the day. Except for Jeff "Lightfoot" Cox and Splinter Redner the tallykeeper had little to keep him busy with the books.