Glancy ready for his run in Boston Marathon

Justin Glancy, of Huntington, runs in the Chicago Marathon in October 2012. Glancy’s time qualified him to run in the Boston Marathon, which he will be competing in on Monday, April 15, along with fellow Huntington County resident Susan Zahn. Photo provided.

Justin Glancy confesses to being an average runner in high school who probably wasn't going to get a shot to run in college.

However, he wanted to continue his running career. So he got creative, dedicating himself to running longer distances.

Now, he's one of two Huntington County residents, along with Susan Zahn, preparing to run in the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 15.

Glancy, a 2009 Huntington North High School graduate, credits a friend's father, the late Steve Ochs, with getting him interested in running longer distances.

"He had run in numerous marathons and I would always go up, even in high school, to Chicago and kind of watch him participate," he says. "It just, in my mind, got me very interested in longer distance running."

Glancy competed in the Chicago Marathon himself last fall and turned in a time that qualified him for Boston, a moment that he describes as "a great feeling."

Even though running in Boston was never one of his stated goals, Glancy admits, "in the back of my mind, Boston was always something that, ‘You know, it would be really cool if that was to happen.'"

He's taken his training to another level.

"Since Chicago and over the winter, I've kind of bumped up my training quite a bit more," he says. "The most miles is about 75-80 miles a week. That's the most amount of miles that I've really ever trained for."

Glancy says he has a specific time in mind that he'd like to achieve in Boston.

"Ideally, I'd like to run about a 2:45, or faster," he says. "I'm pretty conservative on the goals that I set for myself.

"My goal for Chicago last fall was to run under three hours and I went 2:53 ... I'd be pretty satisfied with that time."