Forester netmen close season with loss to No. 24 Davenport

A three-set victory by Vlad Khudziy at first singles was the lone highlight for the Huntington University men's tennis team in its match against host Davenport University on Friday, April 19, as it fell 1-8.

Khudziy defeated Vitaly Shumilov 3-6, 6-3, 10-5.

At third singles, Jose Hungria was edged by Christian Woods 3-6, 6-2, 9-11.

The Foresters' other singles matches against the Panthers, ranked 24th in the NAIA, were not as close. Joseph Straznicky lost his second singles match against Zac Chambers 4-6, 2-6; Diego Inurritegui was downed 3-6, 0-6 by Tyler Chambers at fourth singles; Zakk Sparks lost to Matheus Carvalho in the fifth singles match 2-6, 2-6; and Arjun Bhalla had no luck against Eric Pell at sixth singles, falling 1-6, 2-6.

In doubles play, Khudziy and Hungria came up short in the first match to Pell and Carvalho 6-8, Straznicky and Inurritegui were edged in the second match by Shumilov and Woods, 7-9 and Sparks and Bhalla lost in the third match to Zac and Tyler Chambers, 2-8.

The match was the Foresters' last of the season, completing the team's record at 8-10.