Hill Toppers lose opening day doubleheader at Indy

It was a fine day for the great game of base ball in Huntington on Saturday the 27th. Unfortunately for the local team the game was being played in Indianapolis and neither the weather nor the host - the Indianapolis Hoosiers - were particularly making it a fine day our heroes.

The longtime rivals from the capital city won the two matches - 15-11 and 23-16 - in which long strikes and errors of mind and body came on both sides. The fact the field looked as if a herd of buffalo had just trundled over it (minus the warm paddies) can not be an excuse for the Champion Hill Toppers dropping both matches as both teams played on the ‘clumpy' surface.

The Huntington County squad did field five ‘fresh fish' who had not played the grand game before as a part of the squad. And their newness to the rules and sharp style of the game was evident. Though, in fairness, the new men turned in a better performance than folks had a right to expect. Jeff "Scribe" Wiehe was a pleasant surprise at third bag with some sure-handed play. Jason "Smitty" Smith gave the team speed in as left scout and provided a punch as striker that surprised our worthy foes and the cranks.

The Allred clan showed up in mass and Pa "Dropper" Allred showed his whippersnapper sons, Elijah - "Cump" and Jacob - "Scooter," he could keep up with them on the old diamond.

The veterans, of course, couldn't let the new fellows show them up and for two full matches Field Manager "Splinter" Redner, hurler - "Pops" Wiegmann, first bagman - "Beans" Myer, and center scout - "Cannon" Rowe were the glue that held the team together.

While the striking was very strong and the running the bases of a higher the usual quality, the boys were learning that sometimes a fielder needs to bend over just a tad further to stop a grounder and one must keep his eye on the old tomato till it is securely in his hands.

All it all it was a good day to start the season with though one would think such "big city fellers" would be a bit more generous in the sustenance department than stale goobers and warm water. But we still like the lads down there. The Hoosiers will be coming to Huntington in September and the local cranks can count on a better showing by the hometown crew.

The first home match will be on May 11th at one o'clock pm. The match will take place at Olde Republic Field at Lake Clare in Huntington. The county team will host the Bay City Independents out of Michigan in a double header. All local folks are invited out to enjoy a warm easy day watching the great American game.