Fun Shoot at Roush on June 9

The seventh annual Fun Shoot will be held at the Roush Fish and Wildlife Area on June 9 from noon to 4 p.m.

J. Edward Roush FWA, National Wild Turkey Federation and Whitetails Unlimited are teaming up to provide a skills challenge for shotgun, rifle and pistol first-time and seasoned shooters.

If possible, it is asked for shooters to bring their own ammo and firearm. However, both will be provided.

A rifle shoot of 50 yards, with 50 rounds (22 rim fire only) will draw prizes and winner's choice.

Prizes will include an H&R 44 Mag rifle, annual range pass and 25 silhouette targets.

A pistol shoot will also be held, with no caliber limit, from 7 yards and 50 feet with 20 rounds for both.

Also, a shotgun of 25 clays standing and 25 clays cross shoot will be held.

Registration is required for the evening.

To register, or for more information, contact 468-2165.