Builders Mart goes 3-0 in PAL Little League

Coaches Pitch

Craig Martz limited Optimist to three runs while putting up 24 and RE/MAX to two while plating 15. Farm Bureau also logged big wins, beating Dirt Trucking 23-4 and Metro Kiwanis 12-5. Bippus Bank took down Bailey Love 16-4 and Firefighters Local 680 17-6. Horace Mann had hot bats against Andrews 2, winning 22-2, and also against Optimist, winning 18-6. Frederick's edged Dirt Trucking 20-13, but was on the wrong side of a 22-14 decision against Metro Kiwanis. Firefighters Local 680 triumphed 9-3 over Andrews 2, but lost to RE/MAX 13-9. Andrews 1 beat Bailey Love 14-8.

As of June 22, Farm Bureau remained atop the league with 14 wins to just one loss. Craig Martz, though, wasn't far behind with a register of 13-2. Metro Kiwanis stood at 11-3. Horace Mann and Frederick's each had 10 wins, but the former's four losses put it in fourth while the latter's five placed it in fifth. Bippus Bank was two games over .500 at 8-6. Andrews 2 was 3-4. RE/MAX had five wins to eight losses. Firefighters Local 680 was 4-10 and Dirt Trucking was 4-11. Andrews 1 had a mark of 1-5. Optimist was 2-11 and Bailey Love was still looking for its first win at 0-15.

Little League

Builders Mart went 3-0, beating Andrews 10-7 and 17-6 and Schneider Electric 7-6. S&S Keller Construction topped Beacon Credit Union 8-5 and Huntington County Federal Credit Union (HCFCU) 8-1. Helena Chemical edged Schneider Electric 19-17, but fell to HCFCU 15-6 and Beacon Credit Union 15-2. The result of a match up between HCFCU and Andrews went unreported.

As of June 22, S&S Keller Construction led the league at 13-2. Builders Mart was 11-4. Beacon Credit Union had eight wins to five losses. Schneider Electric stood at 6-9, with HCFCU close behind at 5-8. Helena Chemical was 3-10 and Andrews was 1-8.