Lewis, Ridenour tops at Heritage Days 5K

Sean Lewis and Crystina Ridenour were the top male and female finishers, respectively, in the Huntington Heritage Days 5K held on Saturday, June 22.

Lewis, of Huntington, clocked in at 15:44.3 and Ridenour, of Fort Wayne, crossed the finish line in 18:14.5.

Masters winners were Brad Prather, of Roanoke, on the men's side, submitting a 16:57.6, and Kelly Wiedenhoeft, of Roanoke, on the women's side with a 23:26.6.

Adalyn Harvey, of Huntington, took the top spot in the girls' 1-9 age division with a 33:32.1.

Cadee Harmon, of LaFontiane, won the girls' 10-14 age division, clocking in at 22:53.9, and Dillon Valenti, of Roanoke, topped the boys' side with a mark of 18:53.4.

Mariah Jordan, of Roanoke, clocked in at 21:05.4 for the best finish in the women's 15-19 age division and Cordell Lewis, of Huntington, went16:06.7 to capture first on the men's side.

A time of 24:53.4 carried Samantha Chapman, of Fort Wayne, to the title in women's 20-25 age division while Alex Cushman, of Ossian, earned him the same honor for the men with a 15:44.6.

Austin Davenport, of Columbia City, claimed the top spot in the men's 26-30 age division with a 17:30.7.

Wendy Wolfert, of Huntington, was first in the women's 31-35 age division with a 23:19.8 and Jason Jackson, also of Huntington, took first for the men with a 29:31.5.

Karmen Ostermeyer, of Fort Wayne, clocked a 26:03.8 to earn her top honors in the women's 36-40 age division and Heath Blocker, of Huntington, had a 22:05.9 to top the men's side.

Korinna Pearson, of Huntington, submitted a 25:23.6 to win the women's 41-45 age division and Tracy Blocker, of Huntington, had an 8:32.8 to claim the title on the men's side.

Lori Mason, of Huntington, clocked in at 26:55.6 in the women's 46-50 age division while Forrester Asher, of South Whitley, took the top spot on the men's side with a 21:06.7.

Dan Meyer, of Huntington, topped the men's 51-55 age division with a 19:48.9.

Jeanne Sporre, Roanoke, crossed the line in 34:38.3 for the best finish in the women's 56-60 age division and Brad Altevogt, of Fort Wayne, won the men's side with a 19:01.9.

Jenni Etzler, of Fort Wayne, and Neil Tate, of Columbia City, were the only entrants in the women's and men's 61-65 age divisions, respectively, and posted times of 37:32.2 and 22:29.4, respectively.

Dewey Jones, of Huntington, running in the men's 66 and over age division, clocked in at 35:39.5.