PAL announces football results for Sept. 7

The Police Athletic League, in Huntington, has announced results for football games played on Saturday, Sept. 7.

In the 5 and 6-year old division, the Cardinals blanked the Cowboys, 22-0; the Lions edged the Falcons, 34-30; the Panthers beat the Packers, 18-12; and the Bears topped the Vikings, 28-20.

Winners in the 7 and 8-year old division were the Giants over the Saints, 38-30; 49ers over the Eagles, 46-12; Seahawks over the Rams, 38-6; Buccaneers over the Redskins, 22-18; Ravens over the Bills, 26-0; and Broncos over the Browns, 40-6.

In the 9 and 10-year old division, the Colts defeated the Texans, 35-18; the Chiefs dusted off the Jaguars, 24-19; the Bengals thumped the Dolphins, 34-6; the Jets beat the Patriots, 18-12; and the Steelers torched the Raiders, 55-7.

Action in the 11 and up division consisted of the Chargers' 38-6 rout of the Colts and the Titans topping the Bears, 27-6.