Lady Viking bowlers wipe out Bellmont

Brittany Notestine rolled a 176 and a 197 to lead the Huntington North High School girls' varsity bowling team to a 19-1 victory over visiting Bellmont on Saturday, Nov. 21, at Oak Lanes in Huntington.

In the first match, Tonya Crago's 181, Ayla Yeiter's 161, Elizabeth Bischoff's 150 and Lesley Love's 146 added to Notestine's score of 176 for a 814-599 win over Bellmont.

The second game saw Crago roll a 173, Alyssa Bowers take a 160, Love bowl a 146, Notestine take her 197 and Bischoff roll a 184 to again defeat Bellmont 859-744.

The Huntington North girls' junior varsity bowling team defeated Blackford 14-6.

In that match-up, Liz Conley had a 202, and Mikey Harrison rolled 182 and 184.

The Lady Vikings will travel to Columbia City on Dec. 1, with game time set for 4:30 p.m. at Main Bowl in Columbia City.