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HN gymnasts take on Barons

The Huntington North High School (HNHS) varsity gymnastics team traveled to take on the DeKalb High School (DHS) Barons and East Side High School in their first meet of the season. Overall, it was a tight meet, but Huntington managed to come out on top with a score of 99.8 to DeKalb’s 99.225.
Top-three individual event results are as follows:
First place: Emma Wilson, 9.3, HNHS.

Second place: Janna Teusch, 9.2, HNHS.
Third place: Olivia Hartup, 8.9, HNHS.
First place: Hartup, 8.075.
Second place: Tyla Depriest, 7.8, DeKalb.

Third place: Wilson, 7.425.
First place: Brielle Carter, 8.75, East Side.

Second place: Lauren Blythe, 8.7, DeKalb.
Third place: Lilly Armstrong, 8.65, DeKalb.
First place: Blythe, 9.3.
Second place: Carter, 9.05.

Third place: Hartup, 8.95.
First place: Hartup, 34.275.

Second place: Wilson, 33.95.
Third place: Blythe, 33.5.

The junior varsity team members all came out on top in their events. Katelyn Bryant won first-place all around with a score of 25.1 and Maleah Warpup placed second in all-around with 23.7.