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Dates set for Andrews clean up

Around Andrews with Neal Snyder



The Town of Andrews spring cleanup will be Friday, May 10.

This is a one time pick up; once the truck has passed it will not return. Items for pickup should be out at the curb by Thursday, May 9.

All trash must be properly bagged and contained.

Overstuffed bags that rip apart will be left. Please use good judgement and be reasonable with what and how much is set out.

A reminder; Yard waste can be taken to the compost pile at the end of Terrel Street for disposal. Contact Town Utilities, 785-3848 if you are physically unable to remove tree branches from your property.

No out-of-town trash will be accepted.

Accepted items include: household generated garbage and trash; small appliances, such as a microwave; car­pet cut into 2-foot squares, not to exceed 35 pounds per bag; matresses and box springs, limit one set; furni­ture, within reason, cut and bundled as necessary for removal.

Items not accept­ed include: haz­ardous items such as automotive tires, batteries, antifreeze, oil fil­ters and used motor oil; anything containing Freon or other hazardous gases or liquids; liquid paint and hazardous house­hold chemicals.

Also not accepted are electronics, tel­evisions, large appliances, large, heavy furniture pieces to do not bend or break up; roofing shingles, demolition or con­struction debris; cement blocks; dirt; rocks or gravel; lumber and rail­road ties; any kind of yard waste, unbundled branch­es or tree stumps.

The rule of thumb: if the driv­er can’t lift it, he can’t take it.

The Andrews- Dallas Township Public Library will host a book fair from April 13-18.

The event is sponsored by the Friends of the Library.


April 9: Brian Williams, Jeremy Garrison, Brandi Putman, Ashley Seneenbaugh, Rob Newsome, Chyara Smith.

April 10: Tina Bradley.

April 11: Ashlee Batt, Kennard Hensel, Angie Eckert, Don Adkin.

April 12: Othel Slim Fouts, Brittany Wilburn.

April 13: Annie Vogelman.

April 14: Anna Drabenstot, Jeff Marlow.

April 15: Stacia Rader, Betty Williams, Anisa Moreno, Jennifer Vice.

Wedding Anniversary

April 15: Kenny and ary Jo Bryant.

Prayer List

Jim Ryan, Susie Howell, Butch Harris, Pam Tackett, Cyndi Ross, Kathy Miller, April Weinley, BarbWeinley, Steve Hacker, Deb Bryan, Gerald Key, Eliana Jolee Miller, Luella Hethcote, Irene Hutchison, Ray Tackett, Kelli Coffield.

My sympathy goes to the family and friends of Juanita Anson and Clayton Rader, who passed away last week.

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