Commssioners OK new fee schedule for DCD

The Huntington County Commissioners approved an ordinance on Monday, Dec. 7, that will change fees for numerous permits related to construction at businesses and residences in Huntington County.

The new ordinance, officially named 2009-20, is actually an amendment to the existing fee schedule for permits issued by the Huntington Countywide Department of Community Development.

Nate Schacht, director of the DCD, says that the fees are being raised to help the department cover expenses associated with the department issuing such permits.

"We at least want to cover our expenses," Schacht said.

The new ordinance will not affect residents in any Huntington County towns and cities, though each town has been given a copy of the amendment for consideration.
Each time the DCD issues a permit, the department loses money due to costs incurred through meetings with the Huntington County Board of Zoning Appeals, placing legal advertisements, mailing neighborhood notices, visiting the job site and similar costs.

"(The ordinance) is so the citizens of Huntington County don't have to subsidize the permits with public tax money," said Bryn Keplinger, assistant director at the DCD.

The new amendment arranges fees into more a more organized format. Some of the new rates include fees to create a parking lot not associated with any construction or expan-sion projects, permits for some types of signs and billboards. Other fees already in existence that are raised are also a Variance of Use Application, now $150, formerly $100; amendments to deviations to a Development Plan, now $25 for a minor deviation and $100 for a substantial deviation, formerly $100 for all requests; and $150 for a Special Exemption Application, formerly $200.

A complete copy of the new fee schedule is available at the Huntington County DCD of-fice.