Board of works proposing cut to shelter for animal control

In another cut in spending for 2010, the Huntington Board of Public Works and Safety announced on Monday, Dec. 7, that an agreement is being proposed between the city of Huntington and the Huntington County Humane Society to reduce the amount the city pays to the Humane Society for animal control services by $12,000.

The new contract is to be created by attorney John Branham.

The services include animal control calls from city dispatch during business hours, as well as emergency calls after hours dealing with sick, injured or aggressive animals.

The city is requesting the same services from the shelter, but at a cheaper price. The price paid for 2009 was $80,000. The price will be reduced to $68,000 for 2010, if the city's proposal is accepted.

Branham said the language would be the same, the only difference coming in the amount being paid for the services.

The board said that the shelter was notified of the new price and was given information about the proposed agreement. No representatives from the shelter were present for the discussion on Monday, though, and the board was not sure if they were notified if it would be discussed that day.

The item was tabled until the January meeting.