Markle Town Council approves pair of waste water projects

The Markle Town Council ended its year on Wednesday, Dec. 16, by tidying up its 2009 budget and approving funds to pay for two necessary waste water plant projects.

Rick Asher, the town utilities supervisor, reported to the council that the piece of equipment that cuts up waste in the first stage of the waste water plant needs to be replaced; its bearings are about to go out, Asher believes, so the equipment was shut down. It could cost between $3,000 and $6,000, depending on if just the bearings need replaced or if the whole thing needs replaced, Asher explained.

He also reported that the ultraviolet sanitizing system needed replaced. It was installed in 1992 and the units are no longer being serviced.

"It's unrepairable," Asher said, adding that the total cost for the unit and installation will total $32,290. "People don't realize the cost of operating a waste water plant."

The system is seasonal, running April 1 to Oct. 31 each year.

The council approved both expenditures to be taken from the waste water operation fund.

Resolution 2009-2 was passed Wednesday evening as well. It allowed the transfer of 10 percent of the 2009 General Fund budget, $69,830, to the Rainy Day fund.

Resolution 2009-3 encumbered $25,637 from the general fund for two paving projects in 2010.

Resolution 2009-4 split up funds into appropriations in the process of "tidying up" to create a zero 2009 balance heading into 2010, Clerk-Treasurer Carolyn Hamilton explained.

Michael Clements also dropped by the meeting as a representative of the area for the United States Census Bureau. The Markle Town Hall is a testing site for the upcoming census and Clements said he came to explain the census bureau's process.

He said the main focus is outreach into the community and he said local leaders know how to reach their citizens the best, compared to the federal government.
He also said educating the community is important so that they know what census testers will ask and be prepared and alert of the possibility of scams. Clements said his testers will be appro-priately identified with a badge and a specific Census bag. He also said that citizens should ask the testers to see these identification items and realize when the tester has gone to far with their questions.

Clements said that the Markle officials will be a part of the process to get the testing done right the first time. He explained that if the Markle leaders feel the counts are inaccurate, they can appeal for a retest. He added that they want to get the closest to 100 percent of the people as they can, for Congressional seat purposes.

Mark Wickersham, the director of Huntington County United Economic Development, also presented on Wednesday. He gave the council a packet regarding the partnership of HCUED and Markle. He also said that 32 inquiries were made about the town on the HCUED website as they get the industrial park in the town shovel-ready. He was also on hand to see the passage of the $1,700 annual service fee to HCUED for their services provided over the year. Additionally, the contract with the development agency was passed for 2010.