School board cleans up action items at short but productive meeting

Although it was a short meeting on Monday, Oct. 7, members of the Huntington County Community School Corporation Board of Trustees cleaned up several action items, including some that were on its agenda in second readings.

All items voted on by the board were approved unanimously.

The first was the corporation’s school improvement plans (SIP), presented in their second reading. The plans, submitted by each school, were introduced at the board’s Sept. 23 meeting. At that time Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Jay Peters explained the plans are required by the Indiana Department of Education through the Every Student Succeeds Act.

Peters said the SIP is a roadmap that identifies the changes that a school needs to make to improve their level of student achievement. Included are goals for attendance, a professional development plan for teachers in subjects such as math and language arts, with the addition of graduation rate for the high school.

Superintendent Chad Daugherty said HCCSC must submit the plans to the state by Friday, Oct. 11. A hard copy of the plans is available for public inspection in the HCCSC boardroom at Salamonie Elementary School.

The corporation’s budget for 2019-2020 was also approved in its second reading, after it was first presented at the Aug. 26 school board meeting, and with no comment from the public during a hearing held at the Sept. 23 meeting.

Without the added funding from a favorable vote on the upcoming referendum operations question, the proposed budget is $54,712,128 at a tax rate of 1.34 percent; with a “yes” vote on the referendum question, the proposed budget would be $56,504,352 with a tax rate of 1.4805 percent.

The 2020 three-year capital projects fund plan for the maintenance of HCCSC’s facilities and the 2020 five-year school bus replacement plan also received individual nods from the board.

“With the work we did this year, this proposal has us buying two activity buses along with five buses this next year,” explained Assistant Superintendent for Business and Classified Staff Scott Bumgardner. “This proposal will get us caught up, and we will be out of the 12-year bus inspection.”

Bumgardner added the plan is a budget estimate of what it will cost the corporation to buy the buses.
Board member Reed Christiansen said he appreciated the work to get the corporation caught up on buying buses, which has been a challenge to the district for several years.

Several donations were also approved as part of the board’s consent agenda. Among the notable donations:

• Horace Mann Elementary requested permission to accept two donations. The first is a donation of warm hats for students to wear from the Sewing Circle “Stitching with Love” at College Park Church. The second is in the amount of $200 from Shuttleworth for the 2019 Robotics Team.

• Salamonie Elementary requested permission to accept five donations. The first is a donation of toys for the Rebel Room valued at approximately $150 from Sara Kelley. The second is a donation of toy tractors for the Rebel Room valued at approximately $200 from Thorne Insurance. The third is a donation of $25 for the Rebel Room from Kappa Kappa Kappa Gamma Upsilon. The fourth is in the amount of $250 from James Patterson/Scholastic Book Clubs awarded to Kathy Salzmann’s classroom to be used toward her classroom library. The fifth is in the amount of $100 from Cindy Paul to the Rebel Rewards Program.

• Crestview Middle School requested permission to accept a donation in the amount of $50 from John and Judy Niederman to help support their accompanist for their choir programs.

The next HCCSC School Board meeting will be held Monday, Oct. 28, at 7 p.m. at Salamonie Elementary School, 1063E-900S, Warren. Those unable to attend may view a live-stream video of the meeting by going to the HCCSC website at and clicking on the “FEATURED VIDEO” link on the left side of the web page.